Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bliss. Really.

It's amazing to think over the past year. How far we've come. All of us. I can't sit down and hold sweet Izrael...our Promise-baby without remembering if it were not for the pain of the past year...we would not have our sweet Izrael.

Summer is here and we are loving it. From a brand new playground set (the sweet one from Costco) and our pool set up...and finally getting some basic landscaping done in the backyard...and a garden that's growing for once....we are loving summer.

Chazano has not stopped talking. Seriously. :) We do have to tell him "stories later" frequently...b/c they simply don't stop :) With the stories~we are learning things about our boy that we had no idea of. Fear. He says he hates the dark and at night he prays lots b/c he gets "very scared". :(

He said he can't wait to see Jesus b/c he loves Him very much. He even said 2 days ago that he wants to eat so much food that his belly will burst (>>>???) b/c "Aunty Tanis said if I do I will go see Jesus"...(interpretation may be that when his belly was distended for NOT eating enough food...and I have no idea how he knows this as he was only 2 or so...? so we had to have a talk about that :)

He asked me to play "holly ball" (too cute to change...but its volley-ball) so we did that with the crew yesterday. :)

And he said he does not like that everyone who sees him at church touches his hair :) True indeed...a cute little boy with dreads...of course they all want to touch it!

Zunduka is doing great. Has come a long way and continues to grow in so many ways. He says very cute things in his own little way. His thing is to put his slinky little finger to his chin and tap if he's thinking then say "oh...maybe...oh...nevermind" ;)

We hear more about "wheezy" than any one from Africa. Supposedly this is their brother....? We must remember to ask Tanis ...I have no idea but the stories about Wheezy are too many to count.

Zunduka loves to swim but with zero body fat he doesn't last long and then has to go lay on the concrete to warm his little body. Back and forth he goes. With being so light he is a total gymnast and can climb anything like a monkey!

We did find out...that remember back when they came home and in the airport all the people were saying he had ringworm...and Tanis had said no no...with ringworm the hair does not grow in...? well we cut his hair for the first time a few months ago and then cut Zion and Azlan's hair.....all was good until Zion lost a 3" circle of his hair! Oh was ringworm!! Took him to the Ped...and had a discussion about where this came animals etc. Then it hit me!!! So I asked and he said 'oh most kids do NOT lose hair with it so yes thats where it's from....and Duka may have had it his whole life b/c without treatment scapal ringworm doesn't go away". Fantabulous. UGH. Poor Zion has been wearing a hat for weeks to cover it up :( And is on an oral anti fungal med that they have to monitor his liver for the duration (lovely) but his hair is FINALLY growing back!! So Duka and Azlan and Zano are getting the treatment now too. Just lovely. I must say I had to google it and was relieved to know its not a "worm" but rather a fungus. Isn't it lovely to know that was there for the last year!!

Our season of birthdays is ready to begin! Zion turns 6 in July...Daddy has a bday in July...the twins in August and Azlan in September! Let the fun begin. :)

As you can imagine the million dollar question these days is "are you done?" :) It makes us smile and no one has ever gotten an answer. Mainly b/c...we don't know :) Really don't know. But there is a pull deep inside of me that God gave me the desire to adopt an infant with a cleft lip/palate...