Tuesday, January 18, 2011

32 weeks pregnant and other updates

Yes I actually am saying about my own pregnancy...WHERE DID THE TIME GO!? Crazy. I'm choosing to enjoy the last several weeks b/c I always miss it when the baby comes. I'm feeling great and the baby...does the weirdest inside outside flips ever and I feel like all my mid section flips :)

School is going incredible with Tirzah and I must say it is incredibly rewarding to teach your child how to read. She is so so ready (which is so nice not to be forcing it) and the ciric. we are using really puts her into the full force reading really quick after a 12 week program of phonics. It's just been awesome to see her 'get it'.

The boys are doing great...all 4. It's been a record 5 weeks of NO accidents at all. No day time 'peeing-the pants' no bedwetting, nada. You have no idea the progress that was made. Like...8 mths ago...Zunduka came home on the airplane in diapers and wetting them. In the day. It's been a lot of work and a lot of mega consistency even when we were like "AHHHHHHHHHH".

The other night Dean called the kids to come watch a movie as Mama had people downstairs to hear a presentation and when they came in I looked at Dean and said "um just telling you...someone...is wet" He looked at me ... I looked at him and said "yes it's been forever....but you need to check them all"....he asks if anyone has peed in their pants and Zunduka looked mighty guilty.....I guess one close look and he understood it was much much worse. Much worse than we were prepared for. Not only had he peed his pants "back when I was playing in the playroom"...but he had pooped in them too and now at least an hour later was perfectly content to be sitting in it. On our bedroom floor, to watch a movie.

We have learned from these past few months that while our natural tendacy is to go "ok he has not done this for 5 weeks...I'll show some grace" it's very very weird but you simply can't. Because the very next day...he will do it again. So along with the discipline...Dean chose to let the other 5 watch the movie and mr. Zunduka was not allowed to. This was pretty drastic to him and while we were still going "what was he thinking to poop his pants and SIT IN IT for an hour and tell no one??" maybe we'll never know. But ... now I do know why I entered the room and immediately smelled something...bad. :)

Our weather has been amazing lately which is awesome for all of us. The kids get to go outside and play which has been missed by them all.

Back to the title...32 weeks and the countdown is on. I would guess ... 6 wks left. With Azahria my water broke at 38 weeks (at Olive Garden... ;) and with baby number 5 I don't see me going past that :)

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