Saturday, December 11, 2010

The simplest of things...can make the hardest of days.

Ahh. Life is truly going well. TRULY. :) Just know that sometimes my blog is a venting board :)

My frustrations these last few days have been the lying and the peeing. Yah. Don't you wish you were me? Mr. Duka does not quite seem to get it that lying just will not work. Especially when Mama or Daddy saw what *really* happened. Sigh...

Then the pee'ing. While the night peeing seems under control..the daytime peeing in the definitely worsening. We've noticed lately that Chazano well...he's been getting away with a LOT. We are now finding out that if it weren't for us RIGHT there when he undresses for a bath/shower...he would be able to sneak his clothes into the hamper...soaking wet. This is happening at least 1x a week with him now and I have a hard time believing it's a new trend. Which means...he's been hiding it pretty well. No more.

Last night we had a Christmas party with our Bible Study group. Kids all had nice new clothes on and the twins were looking pretty cute. All was well until at bedtime I started unbuttoning Duka's shirt and he head-butted me (nice) in an all out speedy effort to pull down his pants at the same time. That was my redflag. Um...why the rush? His pants were drenched. Chazano is standing behind him watching us with a rather nervous look on his face. I turn to him and say "Chazano did you pee your pants?" him: "yes" me: "when?" him " when I was playing at the people's house" yes.Hours ago. They don't tell anyone. They just pee and sit in it. AHHHHHH. Both of them were drenched. And...while I was brushing their teeth decided they needed a shower b/c they stunk of pee.


Yes I know they have attachement issues...but I'm not going to lie. That is not fun. We have 3 bio children younger than them that have zero accidents. Azahria isn't even peeing in her pants. And yes it admittedly gets less exciting the older the child is.


Good news. We are healthy. Very healthy. And truly doing well. We had a family over last week with 5 kids. A homeschooling family (um...not all homeschooling families are alike). I was crying by the end of the night because of how horrifically bad their kids were and rude and talking non stop about their video games of blowing people's heads off. Oh no problem. Then telling our children how very baby'ish their toys were and that cool kids play shooting video games. Oh. Ok. By the end of the night the peeing in the pants and lying issues seemed totally fantastic in comparison to five really bad attitudes!!

With zero pride that night I was on my knees thanking God for the wisdom to raise children with grateful hearts, cheerful attitudes and just plain pleasant to be around.

Oh.. and tonight I'll say a prayer that I didn't kill yet another Christmas tree! Seriously! IT was doing FANTASTIC and I think I just missed watering it by a tad and now it does not seem to be drinking the water anymore. HONESTLY! ugh.

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