Tuesday, November 16, 2010


An update. Hmmm. There's lots that happen in each day...yet sometimes not much to write about :)

Tirzah had her 7th birthday. We are a 'party' in itself so very few guests make the list ;) She was a princess...(switched last minute from a cowboy...hmmmm...) and we had a really nice party for our sweet girl. Sometimes we look at the innocence in each child and think "if only they could stay this way"... Tirzah's bedtime prayers about Heaven and how she can't wait for "the castle to be ready", her thanking God that "this baby is going to live" after crying over the 2 that went to Heaven already, her every-day telling us "I'm so glad God gave me Azahria Peace as a sister, b/c she's the best sister ever". ...

Zion has this hunger to be wherever you are. He loves to help. No ... he loves to serve. He loves to "just be with".

Azlan .. has a tendacy to get a bit lost in the crowd perhaps but we make lots of attempts to single him out. He adores his mama...and now his answer when asked 'why do you love your mama?' is "because she has a baby in her tummy"..hmnmmm.

Azahria Peace is definitely our daily dose of 'melt me'. But don't be fooled. She is not spoiled. She is sweet and loves to say the sweetest things.

Zunduka is the touchy feely one. All for an 'all-four-limb' hug at any time! :)

Chazano still seems to make all the kids laugh at any moment. Zion thinks he has earned the title of 'the funniest one' and that is quite a gift to receive that from Zion who was titled that not long ago!

Thankfully our weather has still be really nice so the kids play outside .. a lot. I finally went and filled the boys' drawers with play clothes (why is that the hardest thing to purchase...??) since shorts and t-shirts are officially not in their drawers ;) 3 winter coats purchased, 3 to go! haha.

Duka is still sleeping on the floor. He has a pillow and a sheet on top. He was doing really well and then last week pee'd the bed, but didn't tell us and instead hid all his soaking wet clothes in with clean dry clothes in his drawer. (a nasty find by mama). So the floor is his bed for a while until we can be sure the habit is formed and will not disappear in the comfort of a mattress.

You know what's hard to teach a child...? Gratitude. It's just a long term investment into your children..to teach them gratitude. It's a worthwhile one on many fronts though. Not long ago someone read this blog and was horrified at the thought that we would teach our children (both biological and adopted) to be grateful. For all we have. We were told "teach gratitude is so harmful to your adopted children and will have longterm negative effects". We humbly...disagree. It's not just for children...as adults we are nothing without our Father. He is the giver of every good gift and we receive...and give thanks. This recently came up in convo with our kids and Tirzah and Zion could not wrap their minds around the fact that we said "this is God's house" ... 'how come we don't see Him?' ... 'How come you clean it then?'.... 'How come you pay for it...?' the innocence of the questions were cute...but the reality is that it is from Him, the work to pay for it is from Him, the ability to clean it is from Him and usage of it...needs to honor Him.

It seems to be one thing to teach a child to say 'thank you' and another to teach them to have a heart of gratefulness. We are committed to this, for all 6 of our children.

We had the ultrasound for our baby at 19weeks. We found out that we are expecting our third little girl and quite excited about it;) We were also told that a 'soft marker for downs syndrome' showed up on our ultrasound in the form of an Echogenic Bowel. I was sent to the maternal/fetal specialist (same one I saw when pregnant with Azlan) and just 2 weeks later this was no longer seen. It was most interesting that the #1 cause of this being found then disappearing is that the ultrasound technician isn't highly trained or skilled in looking for the markers and if the machine is not set at the right setting, it can be a false reading. The 'problem' was that my u/s tech...is from the maternal / fetal specialist's office. So she is highly skilled. I saw the pictures at my OB appointment today and the bowel was as bright as the baby's spine in color. We don't have the answers for this ... so we just wait. They say it's highly likely it's nothing, and since we are not willing to do further testing (because of risks or high false positives)...we just wait and trust in God that everything He has for us is for our good.

I'm now 23 weeks pregnant and have a sweet baby that moves... a lot! I'm enjoying every bit especially since I'm no longer sick. Ahh I can breathe again :)