Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More firsts. Lots of repeated lessons.

It's been a busy week. Nevermind. I take that back. Our LIFE is busy. Seriously busy. Sometimes I think...we have a lot on our plates and it really doesn't slow us down. Life is pretty structured around here and honestly I'm not sure we'd get much done if it wasn't!

School..has been going. Tirzah and Zion are loving it and learning lots. Tirzah is totally hungry to learn and it's fun to teach her. Zion takes a bit more time but still loves when word blends click and he realizes he can read a word, it's so cute. Duka and Zano are sticking with the basics. Zano is moving ahead in the preschool program, Duka, not really. Duka's biggest struggle is obedience. So we are starting there. He has this super strong quiet inner streak of "my way is best. always". So he often spends most of the morning with colored blocks learning how to obey very simply instructions like "put in piles of colors" or "separate circles and triangles" etc. Honestly if it takes a few months to learn the basic life lesson of listening and following instruction, then no time lost.

Azlan, interestingly enough, is the one that plays most with the twins. He's found his spot. Duka needs to be monitored carefully b/c Azlan wants to be with him so bad he'll endure anything and Duka can be mean to him. We have seen Azlan a few times crying by himself (which is interesting seeing he comes off as thick skinned) and when you ask what's going on, his feelings were hurt by someone making fun of him etc. So they are learning what is and isn't ok. I think Duka's in a hard spot b/c Chazano is clearly the funny outgoing one (and the one Tirzah and Zion play most with) and it's like Duka is trying to find his place...so as we often see in kids, he's doing it by putting someone else down. Learning as we go.

We have also had some GREAT moments lately too. Moments of kindness caught if even at a glimpse. Azahria fell down and we saw Duka RUN to help her. That's followed with lots of cheers for being an awesome helper.

Good news is Duka now sleeps in underwear and is dry 9 nights out of 10. He has no water past dinner (and what he gets at dinner is pretty little) but he's learned he needs to have a lot less so he can be dry.

We all went to the park last night on bikes (well Mama pushed Azahria Peace in the stroller) and once we got there we took training wheels off two of the bikes. Starting with Tirzah...she struggled but then I got her going on the concrete and then let her ride onto the grass well one of the times she kept going onto another piece of concrete...that was it...she was on her way!! She rode around for a few minutes by herself. It was so cute to see all the others cheering her on :)

Then Zion. Mr. Ambition himself. Tells Daddy "let go of me" and away he went. Hardly a struggle at all he did great! We tried a bit with Zano and Duka~I think they need more time as they JUST got on a bike for the first time every a few months ago. But still it was an exciting night.

Azlan's sedated ABR is for Monday ... mind as well ... this weeks is crazy full and packed. Actually, this month is. And we have some pretty big goals this month for our business so we'll roll with it.

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