Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Summer has finally fully arrived in TriCities and we are having so much fun. Seriously the best $199 we spent all year seems to be on one of those Intex pools from Walmart!! Its 16' diameter and 3'ish feet deep and we spend hours in there. The kids all have rings or floats and we just hang out most of the day! The twins can dive under water and really...just entertain the rest of the kids that are so amazed they can really swim! It's been HUGE for getting Tirzah and Zion comfy in the water. Tirzah now plugs her nose and sits on the bottom of the pool. Umm...she's the child that if water splashes in her face she panics. Zion now puts his head under water and swims along in his armies. He brings his head up and does these cute labored breaths so he won't panic. I'm not sure who taught him that but it's cute :)

Over the weekend we finally had family pictures done. It was pretty fun actually! We had them done at 7:30am Sunday morning. Yes that's crazy especially when that's when our kids normally wake up...however it's soooooo hot here all day especially in the evening so the only option was mornings. A friend of ours is starting her new photography business and in building her portfolio (we thought a family of 8 would do that ;)...she only is charging $90 for session fee and full CD of all the portraits. We can't get pics at Sears for that!! We only had exactly one hour before we had to be back home but we got quite a bit done in that hour and the kids had a blast...constantly saying "we are in the jungle!!" it was quite beautiful where we were....and we had no idea the place existed!

We had a few days of cooler weather and are now back to the reliable heat of the TriCities :) It's hot and dry...and since living here neither of us can deal with the humidity when we travel to other places! ugh. Florida last August....ewww. :)

For the first time in my life I've been going to the chiropractor. I'm quite terrified every time I go...I tense up and make it quite difficult for him to do his job. In my 8th month of pregnancy with Azahria I pulled something out of my back while getting into the shower...yes she is over 2 years old and I've barely spoken about it. A)I hate telling people when I have pain. B)I didn't want to go to a chiropractor. Brilliant right? So why am I going now...well b/c I could hardly sit! So I went and he said "have you been in an accident?" Nice. me: "ummm no...." he said my hip is way out and one leg significantly shorter than the other. He adjusts me and I was aligned. Of course it's taken more work than that though. I am getting better and have another appt tomorrow with massage...b/c he said the muscles are so tight he can't adjust me. Fantastic. I'm also doing the back exercises to try to get the muscles stronger. Seriously proud of my brilliancy for letting this going on for 2 years. Not my brightest moment.

Today Dean is fencing the Sheriff's property and they have a new in ground pool with slide etc. They seem quite fascinated by us having 6 kids age 6.5 and under and have been inviting us over. Today they are going out of town for the wknd and so they told Dean to please have his wife and kids come hang out at the pool while they are gone. we will :) the kids are super excited! We are headed over there in a bit.

Today we got to see Auntie Jo and 4 gorgeous boys on iChat ! That was awesome. Actually her kids woke my kids up over the iChat ;) Tirzah is ALWAYS asking about cousins and to see a bunch in the same age group was pretty exciting for them.

Zion's birthday was celebrated Sunday evening with some friends at Chuck E Cheese's. That place is this couple's worse nightmare! We hate going there LOL. BUT we were pleasantly surprised that they totally renovated it and made it twice the size!! It was Zion's wish and moreso his wish was to have his friend "VAN" come. A super sweet family with a 12 year old boy (I think) that is named VANCE. Zion is convinced it's VAN and that "VANS" is the plural form haha. It's cute. He is completely Zion's hero and he's a good kid. He is always making paper airplanes for Zion etc. He gave Zion several "hand made by Van" paper airplanes and it didn't seem to matter that Zion got the "camote control truck" he wanted...he got paper airplanes hand made by VAN!!!! :) He even invited Zion for his first sleepover!! My boy is growing up! 5 years old.

We are already starting to think ahead to the twins' bday in August. They have never had their birthday celebrated so we are excited to start a new tradition. We are learning it's more fun and with more memories to do something fun as a family instead of the big traditional party...the cost is always the same. SOooooo...we have a pretty fun idea for C and Z!! We found out you can drive about 2 hours away from here and literally go on a pirate ship!! For a 90 minute sail and dress up as pirates etc!! We think that would be quite the memory for them so that's our plan. We are working on Nana and Papa to join us ... ;)

Daily we hear 7 'starting to bark' puppies in the garage! 6 are going to have curly fur (like papa who is a poodle...long story but let's suffice it to say this was NOT a planned pregnancy!! :)...and 1 seems to be just like Piper!! We are looking forward to selling all 7 much to Tirzah's disappointment. Seriously...6 children is one thing...8 dogs...? That's another thing!! No. Way.!

It's always quite a trip to go to the story with the family. Always while Dean is at work of course. :) It's not really a "trip" b/c it's such a big's a trip b/c of people's reaction/comments/expressions. Get yourself in a good mood before you go! ahhhh. So 95% of the time I go out the comment is "is this your day care outing?" ahhh. Not so much. ;)

The other day I was in Walmart all 6 kids were in 2's ... they have to pick someone's hand to hold and there are pretty specific rules. No dancing (nothing quite like shopping with 6 dancing kids all around you!!) no touching (that one is big!), No asking for things (it's a sure way to get n.o.t.h.i.n.g). They are not always rewarded with a treat but often. This guy walks towards me and stops and goes...."ummm...God. Bless. YOU!" with a huge smile. He was a sharp looking business man. I smiled almost stunned. Was that a positive comment? :) I assured him that He has. He was still staring as we all walked by.

The routine is going great. The kids now know (thanks Dad...) that when you get up you immediately get jammies off and get clothes on. I always said I would NOT be that mother...that didn't let their kids hang out in jammies all day. Like ... seriously. What's wrong with that (when you are 12 imagining yourself as a parent...) :) Nope. I can't stand it. It gives me a lazy grubby feel and jammies are for bed in this family. It's funny. This morning they were all up and dresses right away and got high fives for it.

The kids heard me listening to a song by NewSong called Sheltering Trees. They had lots of questions about the song...which is referring to friends ... real sheltering trees. So they all wanted to learn the chorus. Cutest thing ever despite us having a very slim chance of ever having kids that can sing. Nope not even C and Z ... no African's Children's Choir here!! :) But they are all adorable as they try.

I'll try to post some of our pics here ... maybe in the next post!

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