Thursday, July 15, 2010

Loving Summer!!

So yesterday we went and hung out with Dean at the family's pool I mentioned. Gorgeous new pool. BEYOND FRIGID!!! No way...most of us were in for quite a bit...not Chazano and Zunduka. Very little body fat :) They just laid on the concrete. When we got home they were so excited for our "warm pool"!!

This morning we started out the day after breakfast at the children's museum. They love it. It's super cute like an ultimate play place. The favorite is the pizza train car. I got served a menu (with Azahria Peace) and had our fill of plastic pizza :) We stayed there for 2.5 hours then went home for lunch...the usual...out on the grass. Then put Azahria to bed and we all went swimming. For hours! Had a ton of fun...Azlan has been pretty cute. He is quite attached to me. He would swim around just holding my feet as I laid on my float. He said "I want to sing you a song" I was like "awesome, let's hear it!" so he starts...."you ... are my best friend...." :) I said "ME??" he said "yes." I said "why me, Azlan?" smiling he looks at me and shrugs "because I like you mama!" :)

Zunduka still has to get out of the pool several times and heat up on the grass...he just chatters away. It's kinda funny b/c the water is not even remotely chilly but he's just plain skinny!

Tonight Dean went and bought seasoned carne asada at the hispanic meat store and it's our favorite!! The kids LOVE it! Then we all got in the suburban and went down to the river for a walk. It was all shade and gorgeous. Tons and TONS of boats out tonight and lots of water skiing. Azlan was flagging down the boats b/c welll...he wanted a ride! haha.

On the way home I turned on their song "Sheltering Trees"...full blast...cutest thing ever to hear all 6 belting out (guessing many words) just b/c they are all so proud it's THEIR song :)

Bedtime is getting quicker and quicker :) This is a GOOD thing. They all go to bed with zero problems it's just...that...there's 6. Very young kids. So...they line up and Daddy does all the teeth brushing...I put their clothes away and tuck them in. Not a sound after that. And days with hours in the pool I don't know if they even remember seeing their pillow at night they are so tired.

Tomorrow a lady we knew a few years ago is coming by in the morning to visit. She has been going through Chemo for colon cancer and really wants to see the kids. Guess I'll stay up late and do a full thorough (sorta ) down stairs scrub. ugh. :)

Good night.

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