Thursday, July 1, 2010


It's our life and we are loving it. In all of our craziness...we end up having a lot of fun too.

This past week I decided to switch the girls' bedroom around. We were able to give their very cool twin bed to a friend that could really use was kinda was like a smaller crib almost if you put it against a wall. A great 'transition' bed. Well we moved the double bed from the spare room in...took apart the 'convertible crib' and made it into their headboard and went shopping. Two bedding sets from from Target... later....we made the decision. For less than half the price of the adorable Target set we got the Walmart one and it's super cute. We are having fun decorating. Who is 'we'? Good question. Ok "I" am having fun ;) We got a little mini papasan chair from Walmart with a very cool light fixture. Put their dresser (eye sore) in the massive walk in closet...loving it. Went and got a bed rail for Azahria and today painted. I'll post pictures soon but it's looking pretty adorable!

We got great news on Sunday...literally someone walks up to us at church and then comes back and voices her concern of being offensive (not at all!) and says she can help our "blond son". Ok...she happens to have her masters in something (that counted for us...I just forget)...specializing in deafness...and was able to look at him and tell me his diagnosis. took us about 2 years at Seattle Children's to get a diagnosis!!! Want to know the amazing news? She offered free therapy for him 2x a wk all summer...'just to help'. I could have cried.

So we have had to work with Zunduka's relationship with Azlan. He is frequently just plain annoyed with him and telling him to 'stop drooling'. Yes, it's a soft spot. ahhhh. So because of this I pair him up with Azlan to help him learn how to nicely tolerate others and also attempt to understand Azlan. They have been doing so great that Zunduka asked yesterday if he could sit with Azlan in the car. WOW!

Chazano is funny. Seriously funny. Zion adores him and is constantly telling me "I'm no longer the funniest guy in the family...Chazano is!" which is a very high compliment coming from Zion. Tonight I put Zano to bed and I gave him his vitamins. he looks at me and goes "mmmmmm popcorn!" makes a crazy face and pops them in his mouth. Duka and Zion were instantly in fits of laughter! :)

We are getting the other side of our fence done this week / next...and then putting up our 16' diameter, 3feet deep swimming pool in the 'playground' corner of our yard. We'll postpone the playground til next spring for now. The kids are sooooo excited about the playground!!

Piper had 7 puppies...6 black ones, one brown. 6 girls, 1 boy :) (no the brown a girl). The kids adore them and think it's pretty cool they all get one each and then some. NO we are not keeping them (does anyone really keep 8 dogs...?) at 7 weeks or so we'll sell them.

Lots of sweet stories this week. Zunduka recounting the entire trip home from Africa several times now...pretty incredible. Not only the fact that it was in English...but the fact that he remembers it. Many kids post adoption kinda block out the 'previous life' pretty quickly. He is really cute.

The afros are growing you'll be glad to know. Totally a ball of velcro on their heads...everything imaginable sticks to it! :) However soon we'll be doing dreadlocks and I can't wait. :) Duka thinks that sounds cool but Zano definitely needs some convincing. Yes these nicknames seem to be sticking better as Azahria and Azlan already call them Duka and Zano. :)

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