Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Thursday. No really!

We woke up to the absence of Daddy again. Pretty common these days and actually a good sign b/c if he got out at 6am it means he should be home in decent time. I've often been asked how the mornings go and if the kids wake us at all here's the answer. Nope. :) They know they are allowed to get up quietly at go sit down in the playroom and turn the tv on (which is set to Curious George or something). If they talk out loud or play with toys ... they have to go back to bed. So honestly they are probably up for an hour before me! But all 6 of them sit there quietly until it's really 'morning' LOL :) Mama's morning :)

Then everyone has to get dressed (yes...Papa's fault!) can't deal with kids in jammies in the morning...:) And we head down for breakfast. I'm not a breakfast person and it's not my fave meal of the day to serve ... ;)

Last night I stayed up late and scrubbed downstairs from top to bottom. Ahh ok maybe that's part of the secret to my morning :) Shiny floors, clear windows. mmmmm.

I'm treating the now "STUPID" pool. Yes funny how something can change from fab to stupid real quick. RRRRRR. It's perfectly balanced...yet as cloudy as milk. So after googling it seems I found the answer...a trek around town and 50lb bag of the solution later....we're hoping for good results!!

This morning Azlan's volunteer speech therapist is coming. I just really want to see if she has any tips we could try for the drooling and for some of the speech 'isms that he has. She's not long term as she is going back to school.

I do have a vent. I'm not sure anymore what the correct answer is but my frustration is growing :( Our neighbors...christians...have 2 bio kids. Age 6 and 3. They are adopting a 14 mth old from the foster system. He's got some baggage issues and it's very sad. So....I have 6 kids...I must be totally cool with having another right? Not necessarily untrue :) He (6yr old) knocks on my door...all day. Every 30 minutes to every hour. "Can I come play?" the worse part is mama is standing nearby watching. So I'm feeling like its my responsibility or something.. Ok. It's not. We try to be kind and let him play ever so often but daily. All through the day. I feel like I'm going a bit crazy. Also Chazano still has the tendacy to play solo so we are always trying to get him playing with the others. When the friend comes over...the twins go solo. A while ago I had to have an awkward convo with the mom and after explaining everything she looks at me and says "so what day can he come play?" completely missing everything I just said. So for now I guess I'll keep saying "not right now" when it's inconvenient.

Oh and I'm in a major countdown to Monday. I'm not telling you why but the days can speed up anytime!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Well, your Monday came and went - hope it was all you were looking forward to! :)
    How did Azlan's speech session go? Did they click?
    Is your pool still stupid or are you back in love?? ;)
    I truly hope the neighbor thing works out... definitely not an easy situation to work with!
    Have a good day - was just thinking about you all, so thought I'd post on here. :)