Wednesday, July 28, 2010

haha. In response to Miss Janna :)

Ok so yes Monday was good. ;)

Pool. Nope it's now wonderful :) A friend of ours asked if we had 'shocked the pool' and we were like 'huH??" so when we did it was miraculously clear!!

Azlan's speech went well and perhaps the best part was she told us someone who is very qualified at a public school in our area so he (I'm told) may be able to switch to her for the fall!!

The neighbor thing, I'm hopeful they are thinking...yet everytime I think that they surprise me by a day of 20 minute apart door bell rings. I'm learning too. The other day I said "Not today but check back in a few days" :)

Everything else is going pretty good. I finally set up the other set of bunkbeds (STUPID BUNKBEDS!!) hahaha. so each boy actually has their own bed!! Then what do you know...Zunduka pees in the bed for the first time in weeks. Way to start the morning with a smile! UGH.

Right now they are all playing outside with 7 little puppies...speaking of which I need to take pics.

It's Dean's bday today. They have the cake picked out and all his gifts. HAHA it's quite funny. Especially when Dean is pretty NON CAKE. :)

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