Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun weekend!

We had a great weekend...and it was productive! On Saturday we worked hard and Dean put 3 yards of rock in and completed the landscaping in the front (for now). It needs trees but at least we are not the neighborhood eye sore anymore :) We also went swimming...lots and had lots of fun in the sun.

Today we got to meet some people that have prayed for us and C and Z for many months. That was pretty neat. Pastor Dave Bectel had some emotion in his eyes coming to meet the boys for sure. Zambia has a soft spot in his heart as it is, he's been there many times.

Today at our sunday school picnic we had some pretty big lessons learned....not so fun for some :) Our babysitter, Breanna took Zunduka and Tirzah to get balloons made....well..they were gone for hours. Seriously..the line was that long. So meanwhile Zion, Azlan and Chazano got to go to the river with Uncle Russ (that's a real treat!) and eat more dessert etc. So as we were leaving we see poor Breanna, Tirzah and Duka still in line. I couldn't believe it!! Of course, the other kids jump in line with them. However when it came time to get some balloons done we said the other kids could get a tiny fish made as it wasn't fair to all the kids in line that they come in and get a full hat made. Oh...we saw all different displays of attitude. Zion had immediate tears. No cry came ... b/c he knew the consequence of that. Chazano...absolutely refused to touch the fish. Azlan had instant tears, again no sob or fit.

So we talked to all of them and explained how all while they were playing ... Breanna, Tirzah and Duka were standing in line for HOURS. They get the full hats...but not the other 4. Chazano still would not look at me ... nor the fish. Zion and Azlan were told they had a matter of seconds to made a decision to be thankful (we talk a lot about thankfulness)...and turn their faces happy. Chazano ... he needed a bit more work. I bent down and told him again the whole story. He stared. I told him to open his hand and hold the fish and then to look nicely in Mama's eyes and say thank you. It took a second order. He did. But he was holding the fish as this dirty again...he was told the consequences of a bad attitude and for being unthankful and we told him he had to change this and fast. Yes Zunduka got the coolest hat ever...but he didn't get the food and the fun at the river. He finally made a choice and that was it.

Important lesson learned.


We took all the puppies out the grass and oh my goodness...CUTE!!! They walk on all 4's now and some are wobbly but still super cute!! The one male puppy is the only SOLID black one. All others have a white has 4 white paws and a white nose! I think she's cute! It's Zion's fave. Then there's Tirzah's "little Piper". :) beautiful puppy looks just like piper did. No curl. Brown and blond. Super cute! They are getting louddeerrrrr and we are going to be having lots of fun here soon :)

Oh want to know something pathetic?? Here it is. I have a very black thumb. I mean, I already knew that. I kill 2-3 live christmas trees each year. Pathetic. But this tops all. We planted this massive beautiful garden. EVERYTHING IS DEAD. All our neighbors and bringing fresh veggies out daily ... not us. Withered dried up plants. I think our garden is in way too direct sunlight. I've been watering daily and I'm done. Fine. I'll do better next year. Yes. Go ahead laugh. What's wrong with me anyway? See I'd rather just buy it at the market! Ok so it was kinda fun and the kids were loving seeing their seeds grow. Sad.

Again please visit and pray for this little girl and this family. What if this was my child? This family is feeling this is all a bad dream always happens to someone else right? Someone else's child...? Not this time. Please pray for them in every way.

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