Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

We had a great weekend! We started with a date night which the kids LOVE b/c they LOVE their babysitters (BONUS! :). Saturday afternoon we loaded up and headed to Seattle for the night. The kids all coming marching down the stairs with packed backpacks...it was quite funny to see what was in each one. Zion had my paints and brushes "just in case I needed to paint in the new city" ;) I had a few appointments in Lakewood so Dean brought the kids to a fabulous playground and then the all came and picked me up. We headed to our hotel... which by the time we got there...it was late enough about 9ish that all kids zonked right away.

Sunday morning we met up with our friends and went to church with them. This is the real deal...black church. We loved it! Our friend Charlene was in the choir...no one really needed mics in the place ;) Then we went with them to their fourth of July sunday school picnic. That was fun too. Great playground...some sports...lots of food and lots of people. I told Duka that Mama, Daddy, T, Z, A and AP would likely be the only white people there and I'm pretty sure we were. They were in their zone...yet...funny enough our bio kids noticed it more than they did :)

The kids did races and complete shock of all shocks ... Zion and Azlan won the three legged race for their age group!! Ok Azlan is NOT mr.coordination so I was prepping them that when you fall it's funny..just get up and keep going ( b/c Zion is competitive)...completely shocked that they never fell and were way ahead of everyone else. They've never done it before either. So that was cute. However....Chazano quickly yelled out "Duka kept falling and pulling me down!" said with great attitude. I knew it was going to embarrass Duka...he ran to me and sobbed. And sobbed into my shoulder. I asked how many times they fell he said twice...I said that was so amazing because Mama used to fall like 10 times! Duka just lit up with that...and Zano apologized for not being very nice.

The saddest part of the day is that we ended it with the hopes of making it home for the fireworks which is a massive annual highlight in this family. Like the kids ask about it all June...

well on the way home we did have to quickly run by Ikea (where only Dean ran in) to grab 2 mattresses for the boy's room but we think the biggest thing was we were off on our time of when fireworks started :( We did get to see them alllll the way home over the sky in every town but that's not the same. No joke...Tirzah and Zion were praying in the backseat that we would make it home in time....and we arrived to see literally the smoke of the grand finale. We stopped the car and I got out and Tirzah just sobbed on my shoulder. She is not a crier. :( I cried too. I think Daddy was almost crying. We were feeling horrible. So we came home for ice cream at 10:45pm...yes that is way out of the norm for us. We promised next year we'll all be there with our snacks and blankets and we'll have a great time.

So yesterday was amazing...weather wise. Absolutely gorgeous....which means we really need to work on setting up our pool. Its one of those 16' diameter...3.5 feet deep (something like that)and honestly will be well used. We just have to flatten the ground a bit and put some weed barrier etc. It's going in the place that eventually our playground will go but the kids seem more excited about a pool this year...so that's fabulous. $800 cheaper too ;)

Zion's 5th birthday is coming up on the 9th. I gave him some options this morning and he's hoping to do a small pool party. We'll see what we can work out.

It was sweet the other day ... Zunduka asked why I came to Africa to bring them home. :) I told him because we always wanted to adopt children from Africa and God told us it was to be Jacob and Meleki! They just LIT up into giggles. :)

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