Tuesday, June 1, 2010

USCIS update

We drove to Yakima early this morning (ok it's not THAT far ... but what...1hour 20 minutes each way...?) long enough....especially when we get all the way there for the man to look at their passports and say "that US Visa IS their temporary green cards. You are good to go" that was it. Dean was just walking in through security with T,Z,A and AP and I'm like "oh we are ready to go home". Good and annoying. :) Sooo we took a half hour at the playground and headed home.

To craziness. it is 9pm and Dean is out doing estimates. I'm so ready to move on from fencing.

The plan is we leave tomorrow noonish...we have to get the oil changed and several other important things...(like a shirt and a tie for Dean lol)...


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  1. That's great news Janice! Just wish you could have found out without driving 1hr20m x2! You'll get everything done in time, and hopefully the kids nap when you start driving so you can have some peace & quiet! :) Enjoy the trip - I'm sure it will be an experience! hugs