Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An update.

We are continuing to find our new normal. Everything is pretty smooth. We are trying to stay active and not struggling to do so. Life seems like it has never ever been busier for us than these few weeks and really is unrelated to having 6 kids. Business is crazy busy for both Dean and I (we wouldn't change a thing!) and we are still planning on going to Canada next week (lovely planning a trip when you don't even know if you can go yet b/c of green cards!) so making business even crazier.

This morning I took the kids on a rainy morning to Children's Museum...I was going to just pay the one time use which would have been $21 (yah...we have 6 kids LOL)...but there was a special for $40 for unlimited use til the end of August. Not sure how much we will go in the summer BUT they had a total blast. Tirzah, the queen of imagination, absolutely thrives there. She does puppet shows, runs a grocery store and acts in theater. Zion is the tool man Tom and captain of the ship. Zunduka and Chazano were loving running the Pizza train! Azahria Peace and I were happy customers gobbling up all their pizza. :)

We were there for over an hour and I'm sitting down with AP and I look up to see this:
Zunduka who is playing with dinosaurs stands up...walks to the wall, leans out as if he is going to pee...he is even looking over his shoulder like a little boy peeing would do....I RUN across the room and I'm absolutely FLOORED ... oh yes he has stood there and pee'd. Seriously. This is the second time this week and it's deliberate. This isn't an accident where he was playing and left it too long. Oh no. He stands up walks to the wall and pees then goes to sit back down to play. I go get him, and he's staring at me like "yes.....problem?" I tell him that is completely unacceptable. I ask where he is supposed to pee and he goes "in the bathroom...potty" oh. Was that the potty? I don't think so. So as to not make his decision ruin everyone else's fun he had to sit down beside me for an hour while everyone else continued to play. Yes, soaking wet. It's not like I carry an extra outfit for a 6 year old in my car. :( Yes moms are looking at me...yes I'm a mom of 6 and one child does not ruin it for the rest. So he sat there. Completely soaked. I asked if he had to go potty and he's like "no" (duh mama...I just went!!). So when I'm putting them all in the suburban as we leave...he stinks. Tirzah goes "mama someone STINKS!!!" I'm not even going to consider the possibility. Get home...guess what? Oh after he peed...he completely filled his pants with poop. Unreal. I know some of you are thinking "he was just adopted" but if you were there you would understand...this was so deliberate. So we got home, he was disciplined and he's been happy as a lark ever since.

Eating is going a world better for Chazano...since...welll he takes FOREVER to eat and he ain't going to hurry for anything or anyone. Soooo we had to get a little bit creative. He ate his dinner (he's not allowed up til it's gone) but everyone else was done and kitchen was clean. He looks at me goes "all done. Cookie now?" I sat down and quietly told him "oh no...everyone else ate and had their cookie and are all playing and since you took so long to cannot have a cookie". He seemed quite taken back by such a thought. 2 days have passed and what a transformation!!! He can eat fast if he wants to!!! Today he was the first one finished!! P.R.O.G.R.E.S.S!! Every little bit is celebrated! :)

It is now quiet time and that means Mama works while Ap takes a 3-4 hour nap and the kids all watch a movie. No toys. No noise. So I better get to work :)

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  1. Janice - good to hear the update... it sounds like you're handling the discipline moments well! I can't imagine that drive home... ugh. I guess they'll keep testing your boundaries until they're sure where you stand - it sounds a bit like Z was testing you. Me with all my parenting experience!! ha ;) And I'm thrilled for you that C is now eating at a normal speed - hopefully it continues!
    Still praying the green cards arrive... but God knows best. Maybe another trip so soon would be a bit much for the twins. Who knows. Will Dean go alone if you all can't go?
    Glad to hear that business is going well... as busy as it is for both of you, I'm sure it's a relief.
    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know you're still in my prayers. :)