Sunday, May 2, 2010

Settled in...better than we imagined.

Maybe God is saving the "above and beyond all expectations" for now that I'm home ;) Things are going really really well. The boys seem to just 'fit'. We are pretty scheduled and I think its important for children to know what is coming next. Anddd...with 6 kids...(all age 6 and under...) you kind of need a keep a smile on your face.

Morning starts with jammies off, clothes on, jammies put away and beds made before we venture downstairs for breakfast. Azlan taught Chazano and Zunduka how to make their bed and it was quite cute. I saw Chazano trying it himself afterward.

Last night we had our special friends, Bryon and Joni (Grampy Bryon and Auntie Joni....Tirzah started that years ago) over for dinner. It was fun and to your surprise, the four adults carried on conversations at the very full table:) Joni (who's love language must also be 'gifts') brought me the most gorgeous framed African print which is now in my dining room. I had purchased a large beaded African lady that was a lamp for her in Lusaka. I saw it and immediately thought of Joni :)

Today we went to church where...we were greeted by special friends with flowers, tears and the warmest of hugs. So many people walked the same journey with us. We have heard many say "we would get out our kleenex box and sit down to read another day". In my darkest of was comforting to know...just how many were with us.

We decided to go ahead and put the boys right into sunday school this morning since they are so attached to T,Z,A and AP already. We opted to put them with Zion and Azlan even though they should be in Tirzah's class. They do join up into the same class part way through and we heard rave reviews about sunday school today. They seemed to love it.

English is coming at an impressive speed. Zunduka said to me as we were leaving "we saw a video!" :) I asked if they sang songs and he, with a scowl, shook his head no. Zion quickly reminded him that they did. It was funny. I asked Zion if Azlan was a good boy in school and Azlan was watching Zion's reply with baited breath. Zion thought for a while and said "yes, very good boy today". Azlan looked at me and said "I told you I would be!" :) Zunduka gave warm hugs to a few of our good friends today and Chazano did some Zambian moves as he gave 'high fives'.

We went for lunch today...its a special day. The kids were all great...the only handful moment was when I asked "ok who has to go potty?" and all 6 hands went up! Daddy took three and came back and I took three.

We came home and Chazano looked and me and said "can I play outside?" I was like...where are these full sentences coming from??

They played outside most of the afternoon. All was good except us finding MOUNDS of sand all over the they were all taken aside and told that was 'not ok' and hopefully we won't see that again :) They all had shovels in hand so we have no idea who was heading that movement up.

Azahria goes for her nap at 1:30ish and sleeps for a beautiful 3.5-4.5 hours.

This evening we brought down a few toys into the living room and the kids LOVED playing with Dean and I on the couch. They all had different activities. Zunduka and Zion were playing lincoln logs....Azlan had blocks and was making a tower, Chazano had a big truck loaded with little cars...Tirzah was also building towers and AP was wandering around often tempted to steal a block or toy from someone. Zunduka looked at me and said "i made house!" it was so cute. He had a lincoln log roof...propped up by cars and other things. I told him it was awesome!

Everyone got jammies on at 7:15 ish and we were intending on bed at 7:30. Ummm we need some work on knowing how long it takes to get 6 kids moving :) I am reading the bible story book Auntie Tanis gave our kids for Christmas to them everynight. Tonight was Adam and Eve. They listened so well!! We talked a lot about what sin is and obeying. Zion, ever the sincere, heart felt boy....started to give me examples of times he now realizes he disobeyed. ... "Last year....I took a muffin...and never told Daddy...." :) he makes me smile. Last year is a Zion-phrase. And usually means 'yesterday' or 'last week' :) When they got into bed it was after 8. I guess we took a while on our story which is ok.

Zunduka often gets emotional at bedtime if he's overtired. Tonight I told all boys to go get in bed and Mama would be right there. I walked in and Zunduka is doing flips and entertaining the rest of them as they are all in bed. I told him that was not listening to mama...mama said to get in bed. Then came the tears. Again I think it was because he was just plain tired. He came for a hug, was told Mama and Daddy wanted him to listen...was told how much he was loved...and got into bed.

After tucking Tirzah in I could see something out of line in the boys it was apparantly Azlan's turn to entertain. He was disciplined and sent back to bed. It's been silent ever since. Azahria only got up from her nap a bit ago so she's been downstairs with mama and daddy. She has sat on the couch quietly reading books for about 30 minutes and I'm now going to put her to bed. Speaking of AP...we need to plan a party so we can celebrate the little girl's birthday!!

Some progress is Chazano and Zunduka no longer yell at embarrassing volumes "I has to poo!" :) I've seen them several times just march to the bathroom...good progress. Very good. :)

Tomorrow we have to call our adoption lawyer to see what the process and for Dean to adopt and me to readopt the children here in the states. It enables us to get US birth certificates for the children and them to become full US citizens. We need to find out if this is all necessary prior to a trip to Canada in early June.

The plan tomorrow is also to finish our fence. I am so excited about this. Yes yes I'm the fencer's wife...and we are getting a fence. Maybe soon we'll get the kids a big play set for the backyard as they are LOVING playing outside. Somethings you can justify...when you have 6 children to use it! :)

ahhhh. It's a dream to be home. Dean and I sat and listened to "while I'm waiting" by John Waller last night and I could feel every moment of that Africa. There are so many of my close friends that got hope from that post. Marriages crumbling, Children's health and prognosis up in the air, overwhelmed on so many fronts. Yet we are left with 2 options. Stress, worry and be anxious. Or Wait. Waiting on Him. The same gift He gave me in Africa...He gives to you. The gift of 'one day at a time'. To my sweet friend who doesn't know what tomorrow holds for her little girl....He gives you...exactly what you can handle. One day at a time. To my sweet friend who's marriage is vaporizing right before her eyes...He gives you exactly what you can handle. One day at a time. To my friend who the daily grind ... is literally grinding you down...eating your joy...He gives you...exactly what you can handle. One day at a time. Take the gift. It is a gift. Perspective is a choice. We can look at the day through the eyes of "'s another day" or we can look through the eyes of "a new day! I can do one day".

Because ... in the's not just for me. It's for you. "Though the world sees and soon forgets....we will not forget who You are and what You've done for us!" A choice I have made in heart wrenching sobs....feeling like one foot cannot possibly find it's way in front of the other...but not forget. I will not forget. Who You are and what You've done for us. Because that tells you what He CAN do.

My pain...had a happy ending in sight. So many of don't see the ending. The light is dim, at best. He knows the end of the story. The end of Your story. He can see it and there is always Light at the end of the tunnel. One day at a time.

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