Wednesday, May 19, 2010


And it is good.

We are doing really well. The boys are doing great. We're all doing great.

There are so many examples of things we are having to teach the kids. Things you never really have to teach your child. Example is when to cry. It seems they have quickly caught on to the fact there contrast to in the village...people hear you and care when you cry. Soooo...they are trying crying randomly to get attention :) I've had to teach Zunduka many times when it's ok and when it's not ok to cry. Actually...let me rephrase that...when it's NOT ok to WAIL. We went from silent crying to WAILING when a soft toy lays on your arm in the pool. So far so good. The last few days have been a big improvement.

They seem to be falling in love with their new family....and we...with them. Chazano is still painfully slow especially at doing things he doesn't want to do...(get in the something he doesn't love...) but we are working on it. :)

Oh this is pretty fantastic.....Zunduka's diapers are getting dryer and dryer at night. One night was totally dry and the last 5 nights are just a tiny bit wet. This is huge! we went from SOAKING through a diaper right to the sheets (and for months in Africa) this. My theory from the beginning is that it wasn't necessarily trauma but insecurity. I think their weight issues are insecurity too. Just not knowing when...but knowing it's always coming...they are going back to the village. They seem to KNOW they are here to stay. Watch the weight pile on too!!!

I did weigh them last week....

Zunduka at almost 6 yrs old...32.6 lbs
Chazano at almost 6....35 lbs
Zion at almost 5 yrs ... 42lbs
Azlan at 3.5 years....39lbs


I think a see a little belly starting on Zunduka though!!! And his very dry, scaley, elephant skin is doing a ton better .... thanks to mama having the best skin care products ever. :)

We are still waiting on the green cards...and are not stressing about it. If they come, they come. If not...there is nothing we can do. So we wait. We seem to do that a lot :)

We got our garden in last weekend and just this morning Dean fenced it in with a 3 foot fence. The kids are SOOOO excited to plant seeds and now that the sprinkler system is all set up in there we are good to start planting!!

This post seems random...but it's all good. The kids are in their quiet time right now ... Azahria is sleeping in the big girl bed and life is good.

We are loving and living a family of 8.

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