Sunday, May 9, 2010

A fun weekend!

Now that the weekend is over I can finally say MAY has arrived....real May in Tricities with warm sunshine!

We had a really great weekend. Starting with AP's birthday party Friday night. Our good friends, The Phillips, came over to celebrate. All the kids were soon covered in pink and purple frosting and licking their lips, Azlan...long after everyone else was done ;) They play "pin the kiss on the frog" and they loved it. Then the pinata and opening a few presents. Daddy is really big on just 1 or 2 presents so this year I complied. He always says "they love the first gift and then get overwhelmed with so many and end up wanting none" so there you go. We got her a baby stroller and a pink cozy coupe car. Both were big hits and they are HERS :)

We put the kids to bed and had a nice visit with the 4 Phillips that came.

Saturday we all headed out with Daddy for him to do a quick fence estimate then we went to the river. It started with throwing rocks in the river and Mama and Azahria Peace a little slower than the rest as she had her stroller and baby with her. That took some time. :) Then we all went down on the dock...where with eyes all around my head---never didn't see one child at any time--I admit I'm a bit of a not-so-relaxed-mama around the water. I just picture Azlan jumping in...and 2 others trying to be the hero and ... mayhem. Yes Dean was with us...but admittedly he does NOT have eyes in the back of his head. :)

We played hide and seek, freeze tag and all sorts of games up at the park area. They all tried monkey bars...Zunduka by far being the most agile...and since he's the lightest...he has no problem carrying his weight. Azlan--trying to imitate...was quickly disheartened at his inability to move one hand forward :)

We headed home and made lunch and put AP to bed. Daddy had a very long nap...which was probably weeks overdue and the kids played in the backyard.

Zunduka LOVES the strawberry shortcake toys and I'm thinking it's the 'action figure' (??) aspect :)

English is going amazingly well. It's incredible what they are picking up. They know what they NEED to know, and always find a way to get the message across.

Saturday night we picked sooooo many weeds in the backyard. Mortified that we did a pinata out there with a complete wreck...we got right to it. All kids STARTED helping...but Zion and Zunduka helped for hours! Both incredible workers and both thrive off words of affirmation. They got lots!! :) Daddy was finishing the neighbors fence (that has officially taken longer than any other job....he started it before I went to Africa :).

We started a nice bon fire for dinner and did hot dogs. Z and C seemed to love it. We sang sunday school songs along with Tirzah's fave "He Reigns" so cute to hear kids sing that! Then Zion's fave "Here I am to Worship" :)

I brought them all upstairs...put 4 little boys in the shower and out so quick it'd make your head spin. Bedtime is SUCH a highlight. They get silly, huggy, and we say fun creative prayers. I ask what they are thankful for and get random things like "sand and shovels and silly songs". Zion sang tons of made up silly songs while he weeded. I would just sit back in the sand and laugh. That child is hilarious.

After all 6 were in bed....and lots of bed time prayers, tooth brushes flying around, dirty clothes thrown through the air with attempts of landing in the hamper, blankies found, doggies and bears snuggled with...I was out of there. Dean and I had all the stuff for smore and enjoyed an amazing fire. Since it's all left over cedar would from his fencing it crackles awesome, Dean was concerned we'd wake the neighbors since we had it going after 11pm.

I'm in a real deep rut of intense house cleaning every night but honestly...I don't have time to do it in the morning. So bottom floor is a must and play room...yah that gets done too. Honestly it all does. The only thing struggling would be laundry and even that is maybe only a day behind. Yes some days I fall into bed going AHHH but it's a good "ahhhh".

Sunday I woke up with 6 little kids saying in attempted unison "Happy Mama's Day!" as Dean had a cup of coffee and breakfast in hand. It was followed by "you have 20 minutes to get ready" .... but really is that even a challenge anymore? I took a sip of coffee...ran to the boys room...laid out 4 outfits, girls room--laid out 2....ran into our room...grabbed mine and started to iron. Hair straightener steaming and I made it all on time. Actually this morning we pulled in early. I think thats a first...even with 4 kids!

After church I was greeted with a HUGE hand made card by all the kids...all with their scribbles and names. :) Then each child came in one rose in hand it was so cute. Dean then brought "the rest" out in a vase...and it was 3 more. Hmmmm. He did not do it on purpose but of course I immediately thought of our 3 babies in Heaven. 9 roses and we really do have 9 children.

I met a few friends at Starbucks today and then headed home b/c we were invited to our neighbors for a bbq. We have some of the best neighbors ever! The kids had a blast. From making up sunshiney day songs on the hammock to playing baseball with 2 of the most patient dads riding cars and wagons and eating hotdogs. It was a fun day. We came home and finished weeding the back yard. At 8:30 (realizing how late it was...too late...already 30 min past bedtime) I did the 4 boys in a shower, 2 girls wanted baths. They were all soooo dirty from the sand. I have a feeling this is going to be a night time ritual around here with all the sand they are playing in.

Zunduka was pretty weepy today with random little toe stubs etc...which makes me wonder how much it really was related to the 'toe stub'. He seems BEAMING with overflowing joy so I'm not sure if he really is feeling homesick. Last night Chazano and Zion slept up top on the bunkbeds and Z and Azlan on the bottom..tonight I was going to switch them but quickly got told by Zunduka's scowl and Azlan's "that's my bed down there!" that this was a permanent arrangement. For now anyway that's how they are sleeping.

A new week of school starts tomorrow. I'm still wondering about which ciric. to use next year...I know we have time to research more. Right now, still Abeka...and I keep hearing how advanced it is...which doesn't bother me. Maybe we will stick with. I know in many subjects its 2 full grades ahead of the public school system and basically if you don't start in Abeka you can't jump into it later unless you are really ahead.

Ahhh today was gorgeous hoping our summer is now here!!

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