Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 2 of school

We have been having a lot of fun. Chazano and Zunduka are relaxing more everyday and its a whole new side of them for me to see. They are funny, Zunduka even loud ... who knew?. Today was day 2 of school. Yes we are homeschooling. Yesterday was a bit rough for Chazano in school...he decided he didn't know how to color...or even hold the crayon....yet Zunduka was coloring all inside the lines. Mama wasn't buying the handicap. So I started rewarding great work with stickers...boy...Chazano grabbed that crayon and at incredible speed started coloring. :) Today's school went much better. We are learning the kids' favorite verse this week...Joshua 1:9 in kids version. "Be strong and brave because God is with you". They all took turns saying it, Zunduka doing very well. We sang the ABC song and Tirzah was just beaming watching C and Z sing so loud :) We also started them on writing. Just numbers. Actually...just number 1. That was a challenge :) But we did it enough times that they started to learn the concept of 'within the lines' and how to hold a pencil. To be continued tomorrow :) Recess is always a highlight. It is FREEZING here...in 7 years I have never seen May (or April) so cold!! The kids are all out playing with hats and scarves on! BTW we are using the Abeka program for school.

Last night was a lot of fun here. The kids played for hours on the living room floor (yes... yes...gorgeous playroom..but they always want to be close to us :). Z and C played for a long time with strawberry shortcake dolls. Yes it's allowed in this house. With so much male influence they'll be reaching for trucks first in no time.

They loved dinner last night. We bbq'd chicken breasts, had roasted potato pieces and corn. They loved it. Having icecream and strawberries for dessert was funny. I'm thinking it was a first for strawberries. They looked at me like I was trying to poison them. Finally got them down, Zunduka the last one of all.

They got baths last night and were hilarious. The volume in the boys' bathroom was crazy. No words lots of noise. Azlan taught them all how to do funny faces and they picked up on a pretty quickly. I switched to the girls' bathroom and that was a sweet escape. No noise. Just some soft giggles. We were supposed to read our bible story but the time..again...it was 8:45. Ahhh. Hard to get it all done and get them IN bed by 8. We're working on it. :)

Piggy back rides were a new lesson last night and it wasn't without its high decibels. Whoever was on my back...was tagged along by everyone else holding their foot. Chazano laughed so hard it was adorable.
It's so organized it's almost painful...but it's peaceful. There were no sounds once everyone was in bed and Dean and I stayed up super late. You don't sleep during silence. What a waste. Oh by the way...no jetleg this time! At all!! It's awesome.



  1. Are you homeschooling all the kids or just C&Z? I think I remember reading in the past about you dropping Tirzah off at school, so just curious. You certainly have your hands full - the school issue didn't even cross my mind all these weeks! Whoa... :) So glad you're not dealing with jetleg this time... God has been so good! :)

  2. Tirzah was in private christian school and basically we found out ( a little late :( that it wasn't going as well as we thought. She started having physical signs of anxiety that were pretty intense and then I "happened" to be there one day during recess...and that was it. It was clear she wasn't ready for this and we were seeing our very outgoing little girl..leader of the pack...starting to withdraw. The cost was too high. We pulled her. (Loved the school by the way...nothing bad to say about them). We are using the ciric. from her school which is Abeka. We were planning on homeschooling this next fall though for several reasons...one of which is with the twins...not even really knowing English or the culture...we didn't want them learning it from a bunch of children in school. We always knew by the time Azlan was in school...we'd be homeschooling...because of his significant speech delays. So here we are...doing it sooner than we thought but God knew along :) It's pretty structured...doing it just in the mornings.