Saturday, April 3, 2010

This is the day.

Yes its the day we've been counting down for for a long time. ... It came QUICKLY in the end and we were as unprepared as we could be. From us trying to organize everything in so short a Tanis trying to get people to cover for her in the mission hospital with hardly any notice and we just had to smile at the end of the day...because we asked for it for first of April...where was our faith?

So many of you have sent me some of the nicest, warmest, most sincere messages that I truly was touched by. And you are right. If I was encouraging someone in my shoes I would say the same thing...and I here I am having trouble seeing through all the fog. My heart is so heavy it almost hurts...with leaving our children. If only I had acted sooner I could have had Azahria's passport expedited...I did have her passport pictures done on Monday ...because she's free to take and I would have LOVED to take her. ahhhhhh. If only.

We decided last night, very last minute ( but isn't it all last minute?) that I will fly to Seattle. The pass was closed yesterday and the thought of Dean driving home with our kids, late night, with snow....ummm wasn't very soothing. My flight was $185 and they told us this morning if I bring in my full itinerary they will get my bags in free seeing I'm going international. Last time they wouldn't so we'll see. I fly out of Pasco at 3pm, land at 3:55pm and leave Seattle 6:30pm (I think) :)

Good news is our update:

After the emotion of a crazy day had passed....I am getting a missionary flight to Solwezi and I'm ok with it. I will meet Tanis, C and Z there. Supposedly its just under 2 hours. Don't stop praying.

Tracey (Dean's other sister) is coming on Tuesday for a week!!! We are excited about this b/c the kids LOVE her and Dean can finish up some work.

ahhh there is so much in my head and a bag half packed on my bed. Seriously. And its 9:20am. We are heading out to Walmart/Target now to get the rest of the things on Tanis' list.

My prayers this morning are sincere and almost hurt to pray then I realize I'm not leaving them with my Father. So again, I surrender. Its not a daily thing for me. It's moment by moment.

That God would hold our new baby....and please stop my body from signs that would panic anyone let alone on a 20 hour flight to Africa....
That I would be filled with peace. No anxiety for this flight.
That I would sleep in Africa. I didn't sleep in Africa and this can make me panic. :(
That as a friend said today 'things would happen so quickly in Africa, the social worker's head would spin!'.

Thank you all. Where would I be without you? I'm so grateful for your prayers for us at this time.



  1. Up at midnight, thinking of you and praying. Looking forward to hearing all the answers to prayer.

  2. ok Janice. I missed your Saturday post, and am only reading today. I am committing to continue to pray. I am praying that things would happen so fast in Africa that everyone can only step back and say - "That was Definitely God's work." I am praying for a much more smooth "missionary flight" and that you will have calm. This might already be history... :) I am praying for your family back home - glad Dean's sister is coming. And... I am praying for C & Z that in the end, they will be ok leaving the only home they know, taking their first flight ever, going to a new country, new food, new sounds, new sights, and... a wonderful new family.... every detail in this whole experience from you and Dean, your children, the adoption process and to C & Z's new life is cause for much prayer. We are praying WITH YOU. x0x