Friday, April 16, 2010


A few things I need to mention:

1) We decided a few days ago to cancel Dean's flight. I know a few of you have asked about him coming tonight. See...the reason for the flight was I was not making it. Not--I'm missing my husband. It was-I can't breathe another day in this place alone. But then God stepped in and started working on where I realized I needed to depend on Him. $1850 for a flight will hurt right now so we decided its not a good idea.

2) I'm up and dressed at 7am and just got word that the passport office is closed...somehow we got wrong info about that. So as of right now we will begin that Monday morning.

Mama to: Tirzah, Zunduka, Chazano, Zion, Azlan, Azahria Peace. ;)

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