Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm here

What a whirlwind the last 2 days are!!! Let's start from Saturday....I flew out of Pasco at 3pm. Crying, I sat in the airport and tried to get excited about the insanely long lonely flights ahead. I failed. I got incredible notes of encouragement from so many friends~thank you all so much.

I had 3 hours layover in Seattle then was on my way to London. The flight went well and actually this random thought occured to me a few hours in....that I may have been sitting by an angel. Was there anything special about the guy? No. But he was kind of unique. He was young, business man, sharp. And he never looked at the TV he either sat...or read. Interesting. One time I asked him a question and he had the most genuine, warm reply. Who knows right? The thought was heart-warming...that God would send 'an angel in disguise' to sit with me!

I didn't eat at all on the flight. My stomach was quite queasy after leaving the family and didn't settle at all. When in London I met up with Simon and Melody and their 2 sweet kids. It was a very nice way to spend a few hours! Lunch then coffee. They had to be on their way so the next few hours I tried to just roam around. Finally our gate was open and once there I even had a cell phone signal so I started texting a few people. Dean was in church and told me to wait five minutes til it was over...but that 5 minutes was too late. bummer. I was already on the transport bus to my plane with no more signal.

The plane was small and PACKED. I was still not feeling that great and so aside from the food I had with Melody and Simon I ate nothing on the entire journey. Oh and I didn't sleep on either red eye flight either. I give up. :)

5:30am this morning was beautiful. I watched the sunrise as we neared Lusaka. It was stunning. My heart stopped and sang "Africa sings a new song...".

I was so excited to land!! It actually all felt pretty surreal to be back so soon!!! I FINALLY got all my luggage (I didn't remember that one suitcase was GREEN!!!...they were all borrowed ;) I went out to the main lobby and a man approached me...he was the Flying Mission pilot I was looking for. So him and I drove off to the mission station., He nicely had made me a sandwich but I still couldnt' do food so I went for the COKE instead ;) Paid my dues and we were off. Got the plane ready and we were finally one the way. It was fun being co-pilot. I asked if we could fly low so I could watch the whole time...he tried but WOW it was like a rollercoaster with heavy wind and wasn't working. As soon as he went above the clouds it was amazingly smooth. We talked the whole time and it was 1hour 50 minutes. He also said he has a contact in Lusaka that knows how to get things done fast with passport office etc. so that was fantastic to have that contact.

Landing in Solwezi was amazing!!Tanis and the boys and Mika were waiting, I opened my window in the small 4 seater plane and waved and they started anxiously waving back. Then when we landed they ran around and Z grabbed my hand and held it close to him in a hug!! When I got out it was huge hugs and incredible moment because it said a lot. It said "mama is here and we have been waiting for her!".

We then all piled into the vehicle and went to Gideon's office. He whisked us inside, me feeling rather...disgusting...and saying it was urgent we talk now. We go into a back office and he details our entire process. SERIOUSLY. I kept saying "we know" and he was like "I know but I want to recap everything". ahhhh. Tanis and I were totally laughing but both secretly annoyed :)

He then said we must go to see We begged to go home and get cleaned first and for me to EAT since its been quite a while....he said 'no we must go now'.
It went extremely well at Chrissy's office and I was shocked at how prepared he was! He had all the documents typed up officially and read them in word for word detail (UGH!) pages and pages of documents for court. Tanis and I got silly a few times because we were both like "SERIOUSLY!!!!" we were so hot, so tired and so hungry and it took FOREVER! Finally done -- we paid him the final payment and then arranged to meet at court...just Tanis, Gideon and I, at 8:30am. Please pray for tomorrow...tomorrow is THE day. The day C and Z officially become ours. There is a lot of concerns including that the judge officially waives the 90 day fostering period. Please pray and I will update as soon as I can. WITH our boys' new names which are now recorded in Chrissy's documents for court.

Love from Africa. Its much easier being here once I'm here...the boys are so loving me being here and it hit me...they are our children. It took away a lot of homesickness. Its still very strange--being a world away...just in a few days.


  1. Your post made me cry. YOu're there... I could just picture those little faces seeing you land in the plane... those little boys so long without a mother finally see proof that their new mama returned for them - a beautiful white woman who wants them in her family... who's love shines out every time she mentions them. Oh C & Z - if you could know how much God loves you, that he chose you to place in such a blessed atmosphere. ... Thank you Father, for loving C&Z, and for loving, directing, supporting and holding up Janice & Dean. Please guide the proceedings of tomorrow as only YOU can, and bring this dear family all together again - safely and quickly. Remember Janice's health and the little life inside her, her need for sleep and for calm and peace. Be all things to her. Give her courage and strength in court - the heart of the judge is in Your hand. We pray that Your will reign over all, and we give You all the praise. In Your Son's magnificent name - our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray and leave all things in Your hands. Amen."

  2. Janice, I am so thrilled for you and your family. I don't know what to say, except you have taught me a lot (from afar!) about listening to and trusting in God. He is GOOD! Bless you and your new little boys! I'll be praying that court goes smoothly tomorrow!

  3. So excited that I am finally able to follow your blog... I have been thinking about you all weekend. So glad you have made it there safely. I am praying for you and I hope everything works out so that you won't have to be there for too long. Keep us posted! It's so great that you are sharing this with us! "Cast all your care upon Him"and he'll surly deliver! Take Care! Corie Lee Normore :-)

  4. Thank God, you have arrived safely and you are now with your 2 boys!! So special!! Will be praying for tomorrow :-)

  5. Janice, wow! Look at what God has done in one week!!! I'm stunned. We just got home from Disneyland last night (no internet after since I saw your FB post about the baby) . . . we've been praying for you. On the drive home I was thinking, "well, Lord, I guess April 1st has come and gone. that must not have been your will. Please comfort Dean and Janice." Then I turn on my computer and read the blog! Whoa!!! God is so good!!! Like you said, even though we all were praying, none of us were prepared for him to answer. Oh, we of little faith. This certainly has been a faith-building experience! Will continue to pray for you and C and Z all coming home together in 2 WEEKS and for your baby. You are so strong and have no idea how much you are encouraging others . . . my older kids are so amazed by what you're family is doing for orphans. You'll be in my prayers continually . . . Hugs to you in Africa
    Joshua 1:9

  6. Janice - delighted you made it safe and sound - am praying that today goes well, that the judge waves the foster period and you get those gorgeous boys home!! Can't wait to hear their names. Maria(Mia01101 SK)