Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good news turned not so good...turned good..turned...

Yeah that about sums up our morning. Tanis called Jacob and was told yes the doc's will be on the plane from Solwezi but will not arrive until 6pm. Thus wasting a day just waiting. My mind immediately started moving and I quickly got up and called the Doctor that has to do the medical reports for the US EMbassy. I'm not supposed to get their medicals done UNTIL their Zambian Passports are done but I thought I would try. We are heading in at 11 am for appointments! Right at the end she said "bring their passports" and I then explained, that will be a problem. I told her we are in the middle of all the processes but we don't have their passports yet but we are trying to get back to the USA very quickly so we wanted to get this process underway. She then said to bring their passport photos and that would do. Thank you Lord!!

It would be wonderful if this all works out--to have medical docs in hand so right from Zambia Passport stage we can proceed to the US Embassy for I600 and US Visas.

Thank you again for your prayers. I'm finally feeling some hope.

Enjoy your sleep back home as we all begin our day. :)


Continued at 2pm:

Well the appointment didn't go so well but did prove to be very necessary. It's nice to see God working if even in the small ways. We waited for quite some time a very crowded waiting room after searching for this clinic for a long time. You would think a hospital would be well marked, no? ugh.

Anyway they measured and weighed the boys after I paid 240,000K each for this medical exam. That ... 480,000 is about $125 usd or so.

Then I was asked for their passports. I explained the situation and it was a NO GO. :) No way. You must have their passports before a doctor will look at their paperwork. Ahhhhh. I told them I asked the lady on the phone but they said that was my fault because I should have asked for her name. Seriously...people in this country seem very 'blame-happy'. Ok. Fine. My fault. That always seems to make them smile.

The good news of all this? I was asked for their medical records and "under 5 cards". Why is this good news? It brought a smile to my face as I saw indeed that God had moved me to do this appointment today... bc these cards are all in Chitokoloki...and a doctor is coming from Chit tomorrow...so he can bring all the cards. This would have been another huge stall next week sometime. Therefore I took it as good news even though it FELT like we wasted a day. ahhh. so we are home.

I checked email and saw on Tanis' computer three folders called "tirzah" "zion" "azlan" and I knew I shouldnt' open them. My heart is seriously weak. I went for it. I opened them and opened a whole new part of my heart. I went into the bathroom to be unseen and cried and sobbed and banged the wall begging God to speed this up. Move mountains! Thats just a bat of the eye for You! This will take nothing for God to step in. ohhhhh help me. I came out and sat on the couch and prayed for a long time. I thanked Him for all the things He is doing, even if I can't see them. For taking care of Dean and the kids back home. For all the people that have written us, provided things, for all the support. For the good that is going on that gets clouded by the bad.

Praying for the documents to arrive safely on the plane at 6pm.

To Tirzah, Zion, Azlan and Azahria Peace---some day I will sit down and tell you this was the most painful weeks of my life. Someday you will understand. Someday. Until then, know this.You are all each...my favorite. I love you. I feel like my heart keeps beating for you. Mama is coming. I'm coming. I cannot wait to hold each of you. I lay in bed and live the moment of getting off the plane...of seeing those four little faces with "daddy-done hair" and outfits that don't match and I don't care.

God hear my cries. Turn Your ear to me and hear my heart. See through the clouds and see your child. I need you. Please have things happen quickly here that we can bring the boys home to Pasco next week.
"This poor man cried. The Lord heard him and saved him from all his troubles" I learned that so many years ago--I can see my dad standing in front of the tent teaching all the children that verse. I am now that poor man. I am crying. Please hear me and save me out of all my troubles.


  1. We're praying for you. My heart breaks when I read your blog especially now that you're in Zambia. Being separated from husband and kids in these circumstances must be so difficult.

    "...The Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our afflictions so that we will be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God..... our comfort is abundant through Christ." 2Cor. 1:3,4.

  2. Dear Heavenly Father,
    I pray for Janice and her family right now. Lord please move this process along as quickly as possible. Cause miracles to happen this week so that Janice can return to her family with her two little boys. Father we know that you are in control, and you are on the throne. You know every aspect of this situation better than we do, and you can bring all the needed documents and appointments and paperwork together in the blink of an eye. Lord God, please do this, and please give Janice peace and comfort this week.
    In Christ's name we pray.

  3. We are praying for you Janice... Love you loads!

  4. I just read your blog and it made me cry..I can't imagine what you are going through..its so hard to leave your children and be so far from them. I am praying for you at this time...Your Faith is so amazing!!
    I also remeber your father preaching that...What an amazing story.