Thursday, April 1, 2010


So after long discussions (pretty frantically as we had to book flights!!) it was decided that I would go to Zambia without Dean :( Sob. Really : sob.

Parts that went into the decision were:

-Chrissy stressed this morning that Dean does not need to come. I can 'represent the family' in court.
-Our time is going to be very packed with praying to get things done quickly so I and C and Z can come home ASAP. It is unlikely that we get back to Chit at all... if we will be minimally. Dean's big reason for going (of course its the boys ...) but is to see Tanis' station etc.
-Our children. You know its just not a good feeling to farm your children out and go around the world for an indefinite (2 wks is the prayer!!) period of time.
-and very much last on the list is his work. He is a he has flexibility. I'm sure with friends (maybe some family) we'll have help so some days he can go work for a bit.
-there is a financial part as well. We found out last night that our fees in Africa have increased by 4 million. Yah not USD :) So about $1500 USD. Plus we are finding out we may need to pay $500 per child for their US Visas to get them home.... These are all costs we had not included.

So believe it or not we are at peace about it. I so wish he could come. I am not concerned about travelling home with 2 5.5yr olds alone, at all! They are healthy and I believe have and will to me. So thats not the concern...the concern is just doing the trip on my own. Ahhhhh grace.

So I fly out on British Airways Saturday evening from Seattle on a red eye. Another red eye from Heathrow to Lusaka landing on Monday and then driving to Solwezi for court on Tuesday!!!!

Oh for those of you praying about our baby we have had 2 miracles today...with a third ultrasound we saw a heartbeat of 132bpm!!! Two days ago it was 110 and three days ago I was told to go home and wait for the baby to miscarry.

Please continue to much to pray for!!


  1. Janice- wow, I pray all goes as planned. I wish I go with you!! It's still my dream to see Zambia (our first love). If only we had extra funds...May God just open every door for you and see you all home.
    Crystal Questad
    ps i still have those books for you.

  2. Janice, it is amazing to read how God is working in your lives. I will be praying for you, friend, and for your family as they are apart from you and the little one inside of you!