Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 6

Today was Saturday so of course not much business could be done today. We had breakfast here this morning and I had a nice chat with a young couple from New Zealand that were headed to a mission hospital to provide relief to one of the midwives for 3 mths. The wife however, is from WA state! So that was fun to get to know her a bit this morning.
We then headed out to a Reptile Farm I guess you'd call it. It was a very very hot muggy day. On the 11km ride out a dirt road to the reptile farm the sights were interesting. It's so odd how just moments outside of the capital it's almost like you are in the bush!! Children all playing in an old rusted out truck, women hammering away at huge rocks to make crushed rock... The road was quite bad on the way out with huge potholes and puddles. We got there and the boys started chasing dragonflies (Zambian style dragonflies). There were tons of them!! Must have been for all the nasty croc swamps!! The snake cages were quite nasty. We did get to see all the snakes and the ones that are deadly in the Chit area etc. Just 2 days ago a young child was brought to chit that was bitten three times by a Black Mamba snack. Tanis was shocked she survived the ride to Chit! Once she arrived in hospital she stopped breathing but at that point it was ok b/c they intubated her and gave her '2 vials' of the antivenom and actually saved her life. These 2 vials are something Tanis bought for about $400-500usd just in they saved a young child's life. So Tanis quickly replenished the stock (small stock of 2 vials) here in Lusaka yesterday. The snakes were being fed frail, starving little chicks and it was DISGUSTING. We watched (til I walked away) one snack totally attack the poor chick and start on its lunch. In another cage there were 2 snakes eating the same chick. Yah. it was nasty.

The croc pits were interesting. The first one was 15 year old crocs. TONS of them. mid-size...quite small. I had no idea they took so long to grow! The guide said they were very much in 'growing stage still". You kill a croc to eat it or use its skin at 3-5 yrs old. But it does keep growing after that and lives to about 50 yrs!! the next croc pit was the babies. All 3 yrs old and oh my goodness...I couldnt' even tell you how many were there!!!! The guide went in with a stick and chased them all into the stinky swamp and they moved sooooooooo fast.
The next area was a huge swamp-swamp as in a real swamp. It was the old crocs. The smell was completely overwhelming. Then we looked just a tad ahead of where we were standing on the bridge and saw the guide throwing their food was wheelbarrel full of dead, rotten baby crocs covered with flies and maggots and everything else disgusting. Seriously...I was like Oh. My. Goodness. I'm done!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw. The smell was ... you can't imagine it. It was interesting b/c when he threw the meat into the swamp these massive huge old crocs would come way out of the water to go for it. Scary really. All you see is just eyes above the water.

We then left rather quickly and were pretty much on our way.
We headed to the mall for lunch. I know. It was a bit of a drive and some time has passed before we ate and we were no longer remembering disgusting-ness at the croc swamp. :)

Today we had grilled chicken and it was good. The boys, though slow slow eaters (especially Chazano!) eat extremely well and everything. Salad, coleslaw, doesn't matter. :)

Then we headed to the grocery store for a minute and headed home. When people ask questions and realize I am the boys' new mom they are very grateful. I had a lady yesterday come up to me in the mall and say "thank you thank you so much for what you are doing". They realize how blessed the children are. We had 2 adults ask if I would adopt them :)

We came back to the guest house and today ... big moment... I got to talk to Dean and the kids on Skype via video chat. I, of course, sobbed. They seemed so close ... if only I could reach out and touch them. My precious kids. I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming.
Then a wonderful moment happened...good friends of ours, Tim and Karen Phillips from W Pasco called me on Skype. Ahhh that was like medicine for a very weary soul. Thank you so much ... so much for calling me. It meant the world and again showed our family how loved we are and how blessed we are.
We did receive the document we were waiting for from Gideon today...both documents. The one for US embassy and the one for Social Welfare. It was too late in the day to reach our Social Welfare lady so instead we will see if she can meet us tomorrow afternoon.
Tonight a man came to the guest house from England. What a wonderful man. A teacher for 40 years in England...actually been recognized by the Queen ... he is the next step down from being 'knighted'. He said "I'm just a nobody with a bunch of letters after my name that makes me look like a somebody" but I would beg to differ. His wife passed away 4 years ago and he retired and here he is teaching in a boarding school in Zambia and has now adopted SIX boys in Uganda. They are all age 15-18 and he has basically been their dad for 10 years. They all still live in Uganda and are doing fantastic. What a sweet sweet man. He was so touched by our stories here with Tanis and Mika and us with Chazano and Zunduka. He asked for our email and wants to follow the story.
Tomorrow Dean and I have decided to both fast. We are going to dedicate the day to fasting and praying for the upcoming week and all the steps that we need in order to come home asap. Please continue to pray with us for all that lies ahead and that though things have been slow so far ... we would start to see miracles this week.

Love from Lusaka
A wife and a mama that is longing to bring Chazano and Zunduka home to the rest of our family.

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