Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 3

So Tuesday evening we only got to Kitwe (where Lifeson School for Orphans is) and a bit outside Kitwe, Tanis quickly recalled why you are never supposed to travel at night in town. Its crazy!!! There is no such thing as street lights, people are still walking all over the road...and its just plain dangerous. We had stopped at the fabulous pizza restaurant we stopped at before (where I paid and spent my last $$ to my better way to spend your last $ When we were leaving the restaurant we were swarmed with people selling their 'goods'. Turned out to be Tanis was pulled into purchasing a dvd with 20 Harrison Ford movies ... ALL IN THE ONE DVD!! A steal I tell you! No literally it probably was. She paid about $3 USD for it. That should tell you a lot...but you know what...there are not a lot of options in Zambia. So she watched it last night (I was sleeping)and told me the quality was horrific. I laughed. What would you expect...20 dvds copied onto one disc?? :)
So we turned in for the night sooner than we had planned since it gets dark pretty early. We were told by a fellow missionary nurse of Tanis' that a certain hotel was "very nice and very clean". We went in and of course had a very good laugh. From not being able to get into the driveway....(yah interesting. You just couldn't get into it without three tries) me being met at the door (on the outside ... but still!) by a large disgusting FROG and a HUGONORMOUS (isn't that Zion's word..?) disgusting cockroach or a very base room that really just had us laughing and I was still dancing about the frog and disgusting-ness bug. BUT the redeeming factor was a large fan. Ah. Yes you'd have to be here to really understand but its worth A LOT. Makes noise (yes so I don't have to hear OTHER noises)...and blows possible Malaria infected misquitoes away from just plain cooling us all down. The bathroom had me squealing quickly...with bugs and flying things on steroids...I was anxious to turn out the lights and get into bed. I was laying on the bed chatting to Tanis when I saw some 'ear-wiggy' thing crawl on the night stand...I actually got my shoe off and hit it...a whole FIVE times...and five minutes later I swear I could see movement out of the corner of my was alive and well! Tanis to the rescue...she came and took it away. Ewww. Seriously...!

Then I saw the shower...really wasn't a shower. It was a bath. And when you turned the hot faucet came out orange/red! I ran out screaming and Tanis said "oh no...thats fine...its just rust in the pipes!" Seriously?? So I stuck with cold water...since those pipes were apparantly fine. Ok...but all things considered was only 180,000K...which is about $40 usd. And the fan was worth that. Sorta. :) Ok well we did all sleep. Except I'm still only sleeping half I lay and watch the sun rise...then of course fall to sleep and am quickly woken by the kids.
We packed up and went for breakfast. The man said "let me show you our continental breakfast".He then leads us to the coffee table...(its a stretch to call it coffee...but it's hot) and to a plate of bread. He says "you may have 2 pieces of plain bread each, no charge". Seriously. We opted for the 'pay-to-eat-breakfast'.
I know. A long winded story about our hotel but to appreciate my must enter into ALL the fine details :)

We hit the road fairly early--and headed to Lusaka. We had the usual...tons of people on the roads, pouring rain, sunshine, people selling all sorts of things and banging on windows at stop signs, police stops all along the way...actually Tanis got fined today for not having the "coat of arms symbol on her lisense plate" hilarious. She's never heard of such but it cost her 54,000K. She was kinda ticked. I laughed.

We arrived in Lusaka at 3pm or so. I was dropped of at the birth certificate place. I walk into this large building and picture this with me here...there are three large generators in front of the reception desk. Not a light on in the building. Dark and smells like gasoline. SERIOUSLY. Um ok. So I tell the lady at the desk what I want and she points and says "room number 7". I go to room #7 and the guy says "room number 6 and its by room number 17" yes. No joke. These offices are NOT in numerical order. Fantastic. The building is dark, hot and like a maze. I'm stepping over large bugs on my way and creeped out. I get to room #6 and its empty. I ask next door and the lady sharply says "sit down and wait". I wait. and wait. No one comes. Like 20 minutes. I'm done. I go down the hall and a lady meets me and says "what do you need". Ugh. All over again. She says "room #20" I laugh. Does anyone have a clue?! I go to room #20 where there is a man who clearly thinks he is The Cheese. Great. I tell him what I need saying that I just adopted these children and I need a new short form birth certificate. He says "show me the bc you have" I show him and he laughs. He says "that is NOT a birth must go back to Zambezi (no worries..the most painful 14 hour drive of your life!!)and get a real bc and come back to me." I say "I was told by the court and the social welfare officer in Solwezi ..." and he cuts me off laughing and says "do what I say!!" I take my documents and leave. Likely muttering something. I was mad. He shouts "you'll be back!!" fantastic.

I come out of the office...rather frustrated. Long story short after we spoke to Chrissy we were told to go somewhere and the lady did know what she was talking about...she showed us an example of what we need and told us who to speak to. We went back looking for him....he's out of town. Unreal. But the lady in his very dark, gloomy, sticky, sweaty office ...was nice and called the Principal of Registar ( we're told) and we are to come see her 8:30 tomorrow morning.
Ahhh. I'll spare you the rest...mainly b/c my fingers are tired of typing. We ended up finally finding a hotel less than $150 usd a night.. SERIOUSLY! We are in Zambia! Some of these hotels were amazing...and wanting $250 a night!! We opted for an authentic Zambian style lodge...where we are paying $50 a night. It's nice, and the food was great tonight. Ok "nice" is relative...remember last night's description? This is quite a notch above. As in no missing tiles around the shower etc. Yah.

Here we are. The kids are sleeping and our day is planned out tomorrow. 7:30 we plan on being at the US Embassy. We don't know why but we need to talk about a plan with someone.
8:30 we'll be back at the birth certificate office. Then we'll go to the mall area and try to get passport photos done of the boys.
Tanis just came in and said "I think this weekend I will go to a salon and pay to have my hair washed and straightened". I jumped off the bed at the was pretty funny. I didn't know such a thing existed in this country and it would be worth my last penny. Though I already spent that. sigh. :) I told her we wouldn't want to wash our hair for a week!! I mean you just get used to having nasty hair here. I don't do well with bad hair days. :)

So there you go. We. Need. You. To. Pray. Please! We need some miracles here...I'm hanging on to the hope that we (the boys and I) could be flying out next wknd...I'm very ready to go home. I know I just arrived. I'm quite sick, I should say...I just lost our baby and the emotion of that hits me at random times and it's almost like we are too busy to stop and cry. Tonight I talked to Dean for a while and I did just that. I stopped and cried. And once I did...I cried for a while . I know this is where I should be right now and I'm not arguing with God for the timing of losing our baby and this colliding...I'm just wanting to get this process done quickly. Last time it was kind of an adventure. This time, it's not. It's a mission I'm on and I'm not wasting time. Please pray that we will get this birth certificate done quickly, then onto the passport and that will be process super fast...then the US Visa and we are on our way. Also that British Airways doesn't go on strike again...ahhh. Yah...not a good thing right now.
Dean reminded me tonight how many special friends are praying for us and I am touched that we are not on this journey alone. Thank you so much for remembering us right now and please, pray with us to the end.
XOX from Lusaka.

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