Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 25 **27

Wednesday, Day 25.

We were up and ready pretty early and had the vehicle all packed. Still nervous about the heavy elephant :) We headed to the Embassy and I walked in and it was so nice to see Agrippa and Kate smiling as they handed me the packets. They were sincerely congratulating me and wishing me the best on the rest of our journey.

We headed to Manda Hill and had a coffee and I purchased a few cards.

We went to the airport--and started the process of lugging everything in. The boys were giddy! We said our goodbyes to Tanis and baby Mika and headed thru. I had 2 men help me as we had two completely full trollies of suitcases! In total shock they checked my elephant table in and said "pick it up in D.C!" NO charge!!! It was WELL was 37 kilos! Max is 50lbs for free.

We were on our way!!! The boys were so excited to look out the windows at the airplanes taking off. Several Zambians walked up to us and thanked me for helping out orphans from their country. Interesting to see how appreciative most of them are.

It was finally time to board the plane and the boys were squealing in delight!!! I let Zunduka have the window seat. As we were just about to take off the boys yelled YELLED "SPPPPPEEEEEEED!!!!!" it was funny. And a little embarrassing all at the same time :)

They loved the flight! It was almost 2 hours and we were served a FULL hot meal! WoW...a tad different from a domestic flight in North America!! Chazano had a bit of a meltdown on the was seatbelts ... hmmmm they have NEVER had a seat belt on in their they were TICKED they couldn't be leaning by the window. I was getting HUGE puppy eyes from Zunduka and Chazano just plain wouldn't look at me! Then it came to the meal. NO WAY was CHazano going to eat. He folded his arms and said "YUCKY" before ever tasting it. Not going to happen. Especially when I know how good of eaters they are. He was so mad then started to cry. I let him cry for a while then said it was enough and he needed to stop, sit up and eat. He did. Then we had the 'grouchy' talk and got him smiling. He was great ever since.

When we landed I must say I was a bit annoyed that our layover...was gone. I have no idea where it went...we were supposed to have 2 hours but we ran to our gate!! We did sneak into "Out of Africa" store where the boys each picked a stuffed animal and a baby one. Chazano got a "mama lion and puppy lion" and Zunduka the same in rhinos :)

On our big flight!!!

The plane didn't excite me so I started praying. It was creaking just having us all load on. We were at the back right by the bathrooms...four seats across it was us and another man. The journey began.

It was about 6pm and we were on our way. It was a fairly packed plane. The boys again were excited though a little mad no one was near a window :) We were served our meal pretty quickly. The boys watched a Disney movie and were so excited. I had to keep removing their earphones and telling them not to yell and laugh so loud :) At about 8:30 pm we settled them down for the night on the 2 wasn't the most comfortable looking bed.

This is end of Wednesday our time.

I'm obviously writing this after the fact...but on Wednesday night it was a good night from somewhere over the heart of Africa. A very very praying Janice.

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  1. yay!! We're getting details of your journey... I love that you either wrote stuff down or have a wonderful memory. So thankful the boys loved flying! :)