Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 23....*25--Happy Birthday to my girly.

Azahria Peace. Our beautiful sweet Azahria Peace. Today is the day...what a fun day this was, 2 years ago. You should know... :) Mama drove into the hospital at 2am in Daddy's old worktruck...PRAYING it wouldn't break down...after being in labor for several hours. Yeah, you were #4 so Mama told Daddy to stay in bed :) That doesn't mean we weren't over the moon to welcome you to our family! Daddy arrived just in time to welcome you to the world. We love you baby girl...I cannot believe you are TWO years old today. Someday...I will tell you I missed your birthday. Even though you didn't know...Mama knew. It is breaking my heart to not be there today. What a special way to celebrate all the way from Africa...praying we get Chazano and Zunduka's Visas today so your big brothers can home to America--all on YOUR birthday!!

I love you Azahria Peace. You beautiful beautiful ray of sunshine.

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