Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 22 (*24...since I left home)

Sunday, day 22.

Today was a fabulous day.

We started with going to church this morning. To the same one we went to last week. 2 hours sitting on wooden pews with random buzzing creatures over my head...:)

This morning we heard prayers in Bemba, Luvale (C and Z's language!) and English :) Everything that is said in English is translated into Bemba. Tanis says its a rule of the Bemba language. Interesting.

It was a cold cloudy day, which I loved. Tanis says April is usually quite miserable with heat and humidity but this entire month its been gorgeous! Loving the breeze even on the hot days.

After church Tanis dropped us off at the Arcades mall (where the huge market is on Sundays) so she could go home with Mika so she could nap for a few hours.

The boys and I ate lunch and as we were eating...
a lady walked by. Well...I looked...and looked and then called her: "Megan!". Yes THE Megan!!! The one that was the 'first gift' on my day of gifts! So fabulous. She sat and we talked for a long time. How cool was that?? She gave me several contact numbers, she even has a few friends that have adopted from Zambia from Seattle! I was hoping they were Luvale children but they are not...would have loved to have Luvale contacts so the children could keep their language.

After our fun meeting we started our shopping. It was tons of fun. I got some really great deals and ended it with going to one lady that seems to be the nicest of them all...she said the most sincere thank you...that I was her first purchase all day. I bought a 'diaper bag' for Tanis...(has to look like a purse though!!) so it was very cute. I then went back and bought her 2 chitanges and a gorgeous pair of sandals. The lady was in tears. I sat down with the boys and God told me to go back and just give her money. So I did. She cried and said "how do I ever thank you..? Truly you must be from God". :) It was a very cool moment...especially after reading (and writing on my blog) what I did last night in Job.

We gave Auntie Tanis the gift as a thank you for all her time spent in Lusaka with us (and she hates the city...likes it for a day or two but says she would hate to live here).

We met Dr. Jovic and his wife for lunch. Who are they? He is the only plastic surgeon in the entire country! Has been here for 18 years. He has always been interested to meet me because of Azlan. He works with Smile Train organization as well. Fantastic people. They took us out for dinner. (Where the waitress clearly forgot Tanis' it came after we were all done eating and part of her chicken was very raw...! ... some things....only in Zambia!!:). They then invited us to their house tomorrow night for dinner. I said I would bring Tanis' computer so I could show them Azlan's journey in photos (from my Facebook account).

We got home...unloaded all our goods in the are playing in the playroom. Time is passing. I say a MINIMUM of 15 minutes (Tanis thinks 10...) and I sit Zunduka down at the table for some cake. Where is Chazano? I search. No sign of him. Go to the car with Tanis as it was all locked and a SOBBING Chazano :( It was so sad. I have NEVER heard him sob. They cry silently. Even when really hurt. Its so sad. Ahhhh I tried hugging and comforting him but that's not the norm for them, you can tell they have not been comforted when hurt or sad. Thanks to Megan...I am doing "hug therapy" (just keep hugging tightly ... so they can trust it.). I hugged him the whole time while saying over and over how sorry Mama was. Then I sat him down for cake. He took a few mouthfuls and I looked at him and he was silently sobbing. (picture a child sobbing...face in sob motions...yet no sound...that's what they do). It was heartbreaking. He actually turned and laid on my shoulder and cried for 2 minutes or so. I could not believe he let me comfort him. It was really heart wrenching watching his little mind relive the feeling of being left in the dark car by himself for 15 minutes .. not knowing when someone would come get him :(

So even though it's well past bedtime, I did not want my boy going to bed I turned on a movie for them and he is giggling away. :) the day. Please pray for us. At 2pm our time we will be going to our visa appt at the Embassy. Dr. Jovic brought the letter from the doctor at Chitoloki verifying twins birth and mother's hopefully that helps.

Ahhhh....We will be CELEBRATING tomorrow night ... with Visas in hand!!

Tirzah, Zion, Azlan and Azahria are going to love the things we bought for you today!! :)
Dean---2 years ago tonight we were at Olive Garden....getting ready for baby #4's arrival. Ahhhhh. Oh...had a thought...I think the boys would LOVE it if the kids greeted them with some balloons at the airport :)
I love you.

From Lusaka--
Good night.


  1. You made me smile...I love the random note at the end..Had a thought..the boys would love balloons at the airport!!! That is such a me..admist all the troubles and problems you are facing ...a mom still looks for the little things to make their kids smile...That little "mom" break through made me smile:)!

  2. I love that God allowed you and Megan to cross paths again!! :) And that you were able to show God's love and compassion on that dear lady at the market... I know God was smiling on you. :)