Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 19 (*21)

Thursday- Day 19.

To start I'll follow up with yesterday and a verse I posted from Psalm 20

4. May He grant you your heart's desire and fulfill all your plans
5. ... May the Lord fulfill all your petitions.

Today in Psalm 21

2. You have given him his heart's desire and have not withheld the request of his lips".

Today. Was an amazing day.

Tanis went this morning to do Mika's passport...she was gone til almost noon. She called home at some point and said to get the children ready she would be coming by to pick us up.

Two little boys with popped collars and newsboy hats...they were so cute. I had Mika sitting up by herself on the grass when Tanis drove in...she couldn't believe it :)

We went directly to the passport office. I ran in and stood in line for "express pick up" it was about 12:20 or so. I was truly see him go grab the passports!! I'm standing there, eyes wide, heart full....praying. Completely thanking God for a miracle. Even Mrs Banda said to come by at 3ish...she said I could try at noon but that was pushing it. Kate from the Consulate told me "passport always makes promises and never comes through". Thank you God. ahhhh.

We went for lunch...where...well they were likely glad to see us leave and we were glad to leave. Chazano spilled his drink...which while cleaning it, Tanis spilled her coke. They had no idea how to clean it with a dry, non absorbant rag, they came by...and that was it. We were stuck at a very sticky table. Flies swarming. no...there's more....I spilled my Coke. Fantastic.

Pizza came. Two plates. soooo Zunduka and Chazano were eating off a sticky table and one measley napkin b/c that's all they had. ahhhhh.


We then went to the doctors office for visa medicals. No appt I just walked in. The receptionist told me to go to the back nurse's room. There, the same man that sent me away 7 days ago, welcomed me. He checked their passports and then started s-l-o-w-l-y writing notes. Height, weight. He said "there is a problem...we only do visa medicals on come back tuesday after I see you today". uh oh. I said "i'm sorry we have Consulate visa appts on Monday and I fly out Wednesday. He said "no ... that won't work. Sorry. This is our schedule". He leaves to go verify. I pray. And pray. He comes back "no problem, the doctor is willing to see you tomorrow at 14 hours. " ahhh. fantastic!

I ask what this 500,000 kwacha appointment entails..he said "just urine checks". Seriously. I ask about HIV and he said US Embassy did away with that in January saying it is not necessary. So there you go!! You get your urine checked, for who knows what, and you are ok to come in. Interesting. I thought they'd check for TB, Typhoid Fever, HIV... nope. So the boys pee'd in a little tube...that was interesting !! Every time I'd put the tube out for Chazano...he's stop peeing. LOL. I'm saying "no baby..pee IN the tube" but clearly that was foreign (thankfully)...finally we got it done. They never laughed, they just looked terrified the whole time. Partly b/c Tanis had told them to be brave b/c she thought they'd be getting blood drawn for HIV testing. Chazano is his most cuddly the doctor's office.

We left and are coming back "tomorrow" at 2pm to meet with the doctor. We have to bring their immunization records and under 5 cards and visa photos. It should be quick. Then the doc gives us a sealed envelope for the Embassy.

What a perfect day! Answers to petitions and prayers...ahhh. It was so beautiful.

Coming home we stopped at the Arcades Mall and I took the boys into a little store called PEP. They saw jammies so I told them to each pick out a pair...they were DELIGHTED! It was very very sweet. :) We then bought a shirt for Zion and 3....THREE... pairs of shoes for Tirzah!! :) We were searching for Azahria Peace...but couldn't find any so I'll make sure to look at Mr Price. The girls love shoes :)

We are now is 4:30'ish pm. Tanis just told me after discussing with Dr. David from Chitokoloki... our miscarriage...he said it sounds like we lost twins. Gulp. I don't even know what to feel or think about that. I couldn't possibly feel sadder than I do about losing the baby/babies... :( Even though I had 3 ultrasounds I had asked the tech in the first ultrasound if it was possible I was miscarrying a twin and she said "yes, we wouldn't really see that on the ultrasound this early". That's all the details I'll spare...but it appears as if we lost two separate babies. This just made me remember...back a few wks before the first ultrasound I said to Dean one day "I think we are having twins" and that was kind of it...I just had this strong feeling.

We are getting excited here about coming home. The boys are totally understanding it and keep pointing out big airplanes when we see them flying overhead. It's going to be quite a day when we get visas in hand and load that plane!!

Tirzah, Zion, Azlan and Azahria Peace--pass out earplugs at the airport before we arrive...because we are going to be SCREAMING when we see you!!
Dean--I just want to be with you.


  1. SO SO SO fantastic!!!! I'm so excited for you - wonderful news! :) Thank you Lord!!!

  2. I like your new profile description... :) I just noticed it as I'm sitting here hitting refresh hoping you're typing fast to hear the news from today... then I wonder if you ever feel like we are PRESSURING you to update your blog... that wouldn't be good - the last thing you need from us is pressure! So... whenever you get to it... :D Still praying... I prayed you would receive patience today... I hope it wasn't needed TOO much. x0x