Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 15

Day 15--Sunday.

This morning we all got ready and drove to somewhere (lol) for church. It was quite a drive. Michel (from edmonton), Tanis, us all went. It was quite long. Part English service. Hot. I kept seeing this huge bug with mega wings come zooming in and I knew I'd make quite a scene if it came close to me :) I prayed at one point God would take it out the window...and he promptly turned around and went out the window :)

The boys were very good in church. They had one car and one book. They looked SOOOOOOOOO cute today. I made them match. Ok don't tell anyone but they are super cute matching. I had them in jeans, white polos that I bought them in Old Navy, flip flops and their new white newsboy hats. Omgoodness...adorable.

After church we met a friend and some of her friends for lunch. It was kind of a classy place and I quite endured my food. It was not good at all. Even the kids didn't seem to enjoy their food.

We then went to the Arcades market for the afternoon. I bought another table for our living an elephant shape instead of giraffe. we'll see if it works I got a very good deal but its quite different than the giraffe. Its carved and studded even. Hmmm. Hope it works. Hope we can get it home!!

I bought a purse at the market too and the most shocking ... its ....PURPLE. I know I know. What was I thinking. I hate purple. I still hate purple but I like the bag. Its got a lot of gold on it. I don't know..maybe it'll be regifted lol.

We are home. Its after 6pm and I'm waiting for Dean and kids to get home from church and Zahria napping so I can call him.

My book last night...was so amazing. God really spoke to me about God's love. The verse was the one about how nothing can separate you from the love of God. Max went on to say this "you may be separated from your spouse, your kids...but know have never ever been separated from His love". Hm...that was so for me. So much so. I started crying. The way God speaks to those He loves...its a bit overwhelming. A song. A verse. A book. I was so touched. There was much more too and the bottom the book. Come Thirsty. I can't be the only one that is thirsty... ;)

I ended my day with a very long time praying. Out loud. I find it difficult to pray silently. I often pray in the vehicle at home...out loud. Well last night I lay in bed praying out loud. For a long time. I went to sleep...drenched in my Father's love. What a beautiful thing.

Are you all ready to have another week on your knees...?

Monday morning (tomorrow) we are headed to passport office bright and early at 8am. Praying for passports in hand by end of business day.

Dean, Tirzah, Zion, Azlan, Azahria Peace---I am so blessed. He has given me so much. I can't wait to get home and show you all just how much I love you.

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