Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 14.It

Saturday. It's been a nice day. Honestly it's a huge struggle for me to have this leisure day off. Not because I don't know how to relax or unwind at all. I'm just not here for a vacation and getting nothing done seems so wasteful to me when I'm on a mission to bring our family home all together.'s part of the here it is.

We went to Manda Hill around noon for lunch. Tanis and I even had dessert which was ok. It's just not the same as home but it was dessert :) My coffee was lukewarm at best. ugh.

Then we went out to shop for a bit. I found a fabulous pair of shoes...really they were gorgeous. Bright yellow with a big button on them...stilletto style. 650,000K. No way. That's like $150. And for me...outrageous!

We did go to Mr. Price where I got Chazano and Zunduka ADORABLE newsboy hats. They are white with black pinstripes and a big black scrawled eagle on it. They were so cute...Chazano immediately turned into a rap star. Hilarious. The child totally knows how 'get down' Zambian style. To get it on video...another story :) As I was checking out I went back to the back of the store and got them these very cool shirts. Adorable. Yes I got them matching...I really can't see myself doing the matching-twin thing. I'm not a matchy person at all. If it clashes but goes...I'm in :) Anyway it was very cute and they loved it.

I'm waiting. I'm waiting on You Lord. I'm trying to be patient I realize it's a choice so I'm in control of it.

Many of you are aware of how most of Europe is a 'no fly zone' because of the volcanic cloud over Iceland. This is ... umm...a problem. My flight is currently for Thursday and it will be a MIRACLE..literally...if we are ready to go then. If we have to change our flight it may not be able to rebooked until 1 week to 10 days!! There is a family here at the flight house that was supposed to fly out today and since no flights are going overseas...they earliest they could rebook for was a week from today! you all something else to pray for. Our sweet Azahria Peace's birthday is next Monday. Yes yes I know she doesn't know. But I do. We do. It definitely puts a knot in my stomach to miss her birthday...if we do get the Saturday flight we arrive home Sunday we are home for her 2nd birthday.

We are now sitting in the flighthouse...and I know Dean and the kids are just starting their Saturday back home. He is taking the kids to work with him today...I'll be praying that he gets what he needs to get done. I miss you all. So much.

I love you all. D, T, Z, A, and AP. You are my favorites.

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