Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 11. Sure...I'll go for it. Miracle Wednesday.

Oh what a day. I'll start with last night. I wandered around the guest house and found a book. A Max Lucado book. He is good for my soul. I think my spirit takes a deep breath when I read his books...what a fresh breath. So I chose "Come Thirsty" it seemed rather fitting for me. Thirsty...? Yah I think I fit that right now.

I'll write what is written on the back that grabbed my interest:

"You're acquainted with physical thirst. Stop drinking and see what happens. Coherent thoughts vanish, skin grows clammy, and vital organs shut down. Deprive your body of necessary fluid, and it will tell you.
Deprive your soul of spiritual water, and it will tell you. Dehydrated hearts send desperate messages. Snarling tempers. Waves of worry. Growing guilt and fear. Hopelessness. Resentment, Loneliness. Insecurity. But you don't have to live with a dehydrated heart. God invites you to treat your thirsty sould as you would treat your physical thirst. Just vist the WELL and drink deeply: Receive Christ's WORK on the cross, The ENERGY of His Spirit, His LORDSHIP over your love and His unending, unfailing LOVE."

It was a perfect read for a dry thirsty heart. I sat curled up on a hard wicker couch...and savored every word. I went to sleep peaceful. As only one can when you've just re-encountered your Hope.

So this morning I woke to being told "you have 20 minutes to get ready" :) No problem. I"m used to getting myself AND four kids ready in 20 minutes. :)

So we were on our way fairly quickly. We headed for the mall first so I could photo copy some things and print some photos of Dean and I. Just trying to cover all the bases so no more stalling. The shop did not open til 9 though and it was only 8:20 so we hit the coffee shop :) We had a bit of a laugh since Tanis' order came in a shot cup. hahahah. So she ordered something else. Mine was ... amazing. It hit the spot and I have no clue what it was to reorder it. That, little did I know, would be my nutrition til dinner tonight at 6:30!

I then went and printed the photos but guess what "we are out of color ink for photocopying" un real. I go to another PRINTING shop "we are out of color ink". Ok. Regroup. We are going with what we have.

We meet Jacob and the birth registry and go for it. See the General Registrar...she opens my file and says "please go to room 10 and have him organize this file properly" un. be. lie.vab.le!!! So we wait over an hour for room number 10. He finally sees us. He says "you waited for me to organize the file????" yes. we did. He does. we go back to the General. Guess what??? No joke...she rips the staples off and says "he did it all wrong" and organizes it herself. Now what was so hard about doing that in the first place?? She then looks at me and asks for their proper birth certificates. I say "we don't have them. We have birth notifications from the hospital but thats all" she looks a bit disgusted. Then she says "you have come a very long ways from America" hmmmm. "but you are supposed to have each child on separate paperwork..just because they are twins you don't put them together (this would be Chrissy's deal, not mine)..." but since you have come so far I will let it go". I was praying the whole time and was completely over the moon when she signed it and said "go to room 18 to pay your fees". YES!!!! One whole week...Wednesday to Wednesday we have been back and forth from her office for this signature!!! I go to pay...$101,000 Kwacha each 202,000 which was about $50 usd total. Then the wait began. We had a man helping us but we had to get a proper file made in room number 10. There was no one there. We waited for a few hours ( I was getting dizzy in the dark, muggy, heat with all sorts of odors floating around you...)....

Finally after praying UNCEASINGLY (ever do that...?? Literally do that) Oh I did that today. I would open my eyes and realize where I was. Hot. tired. sweaty. hungry. I would pray eyes wide open while someone was speaking to me. I was on my knees most of the day yet hardly sat down.

We were led to a man named Jonathan. That brings a smile to my face. In fact...he didn't even seem Zambian. No joke he was called in for us. He was wearing shorts, sneakers and tee shirt, definitely was not working today. He got me a file immediately and then sent us to the head guy to give us a day when he'd type it up. ....

We went there and the man said "21 days. So sorry but we are understaffed". Un. Real. Unreal. I cried. You've never cried in someone's office? Oh..I'm not sure if I have either ... before this trip. I have unashamedly cried and pleaded my story but this time...I cried to God. I have been in constant communication with God all my Father. My Dad. I cried out in this desperate plea and those in the room saw me wiping my hot sweaty face. Please help us. The man argued his case and Jacob started joking with him. I lost interest. I knew Jacob was trying to be friendly with him to warm him up. He said "come back after lunch". Yah. We had no lunch. Interestinly this is the first day the office didn't close for lunch. Hmmmm. We went out to find Tanis and the kids allllllllllllllllllllllll morning were in the vehicle (she had brought her laptop and they were watching dvds)...oh my goodness. What a morning. It was my idea that we drive Tanis and the kids back to the flight house and Jacob and I go the afternoon alone. So we did that. No lunch for Jacob and I. I got a 2L bottle of coke that Tanis passed me from the fridge. It had a few inches in it. That and my delish cafe this morning is what has kept me going physically all day.

We went back and finally got back in touch with Jonathan. Jacob spoke to him privately and Jonathan came and got my file and said please wait. Oh no worries. we do that well. Long long story short at the end of the day he came to Jacob and said "here is my number, call me at 8 am ... but it will be done by 10am tomorrow". It was already about 4:3opm. The day was over. Offices close at 5. So... we drove home. Jacob is going to pick me up at 8:30 am and we are going to begin.

We are down to the wire. Tanis just came in and said "because of not getting the b.certificate today you know you won't be able to fly home next Thursday". The next option is next Saturday...

So what am I asking you? My friends and those who have walked with us and prayed with us? Oh you guessed it. I'm asking for a praying stampede. I know God can do it and doing it will build so many of us up, won't it. When He answers our 'far-stretched' prayers we go "wow". We know it was Him. Please pray that we will be 100% complete by next Wednesday so that Chazano, Zunduka and I can fly home Thursday morning.

We have much much to keep praying for.

That we will receive the bc tomorrow morning and the adoption decree. That we will find someone in the passport office to get it processed TOMORROW.

I just talked to Dean and the kids on video chat. Ahhhh. It does my heart good. Especially my quenched heart instead of my parched heart. What a difference that makes. Oh I'm still longing to see them by it didn't break me. What a celebration we are going to have when we get home to Pasco!!

The kids are excited about the things we will bring, we found african dollies for Tirzah and Azahria and today I found safari hats for Zion and Azlan. It was really cute I said to Azlan "mama found hats that are Blue, green or one that is all different colors. what one do you want?" He goes "mama I want an orange one" :) so adorable. He loves orange and I love him and I'll do my very best find an orange hat ;)

Thank you again to all of you that held my head up when my neck gave way, that have showed me where to find my Hope when I lost my way, that have woken in the night to pray for me and my family, that have fasted to pour all your effort and focus into petitioning before the King on our behalf...that have reminded me...who has never left...who has not only held my hand every step...every mile...but who has been holding my heart. To have been angels all along the way. Servants of the Most High. Thank you.

To those of you who are helping with our children...thank you. Thank you. It is a gift offered to Heaven and we are humbled.

Today I walked out of that dark, gloomy, overcrowded building and quietly said "thank you" to God and quoted again the reason I am here. " I will NOT leave you as orphans, I will come to you".

Pray for a Miracle Thursday...we can never have too many miracles.

I love you all.
From Lusaka--

Tirzah, Zion, Azlan, and Azahria Peace--you are gifts. I have realized on this trip more than are His. He made you, He gave you to us...and in the end...we have to give you back. He's got you. He has never ever left you and I'm coming. I love being your mama ... what an incredible gift.

Dean--you are my sunshine. I love you.


  1. Praying for Miracle Thursday... something that was quoted in a bible study I was doing last night was "When there is a big "wow" miracle, you can be sure it is surrounded by "mini miracles" - look for them because they are there!" We're looking and praying expectantly!! I'm so thankful you had a peaceful sleep last night... I'm praying for another one for you! :)

  2. Janice- I just got caught up on your week after having not been able to read the past couple days. I cannot imagine how frustrating all the waiting and run around is for you. I am glad that your heart feels quenched again and that you are doing better in that respect. I am continuing to pray and know God will get you on that plane next Thursday.

  3. I'll be praying!! Hang on! The One we are petitioning never closes His office.

  4. Janice - storming the gates of Heaven for you and with you. You.Are.A.Blessing!!