Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 10

Day 10.

What a day. What a journey. What a test of my faith.

To see all the happenings of the day please read the posts below... the end of the day is this:

We went to the Lusaka airport at 5:30, arrived at 5:45. Saw that Proflight was due in from Ndola at 6:30. Good news that was our flight. Talked to the lady in charge of the flight and she got our name and said to come see her after the flight landed for our envelope. I must admit I was nervous. Was it placed on the plane? We had no confirmation of that. Were the correct documents sent?

I sat in that airport and enjoyed every moment. Dreaming of us sitting there waiting for our flight to London on our way home. I know. I'm ahead of myself. One of my biggest trials is learning to live one day at a time. I'm a planner. I'm always thinking ahead. Its been a struggle in this journey but that same issue makes it so I do appreciate the little movements ahead. See my focus is not on the documents. Not the birth certificate. Not the passport. My focus is on stepping onto that plane with Chazano and Zunduka and safely flying home and into the arms of my family in WA. That is actually a fallback. I need to start asking for the grace for each day. His grace is sufficient. I cannot be looking at tomorrow b/c the tomorrows seem endless and my timen here seems to be getting longer, not shorter. When I write "day 10" I get a sickening feeling. It truly feels like day 100. Was it really only over a week ago that I said good bye to another baby??? I feel like I've been mourning for weeks and weeks. I feel I can hardly remember each of our children's features, eyes, voices, touch. How can it only be 12 days ago (since I left) since I saw them?

So to celebrate today..there was huge victory today. I received the documents. The exact documents I prayed he had...that we were told we were missing. Yes we have the documents.

On our way home I got a phone call...such a fun call. It was a business call...but that was kind of cool...in Africa! :) Especially since I knew Dean was on there too :)

The plan is to meet Jacob at 8:30am at the birth registry office. First we are going to try to find a place that will do very clear COLOR photocopies so that maybe we can hold onto all the original documents. If even without birth registry knowing. I don't know what to do but I have to trust US Embassy that we are to hold onto the originals.

Ok. Miracle Wednesday. We are waiting for you. :)

For those of you again...that have prayed around the clock for us..there are special rewards for you. God's power IS released when His people pray and thanks to you we are surrounded with angels and His presence even when I don't feel it.

Our dinner tonight included Shima...I actually like it but cannot stand how it is eaten. With the hands!!! haha. No. See if you know me... you know how much I cannot stand eating with hands. My kids all eat pizza with forks and knives. Yes starting them young ;) These boys. Well..they are village kids and every meal I'm trying to teach them to close their mouths and use their forks. Its a battle lol. Tonight with the Shima (a corn meal mush that is a staple in the Zambian diet)....was chicken in a sauce and a leafy veggie....all is eaten with the hands. Quite disgusting really :) Its delicious but Yes...I eat it with fork and knife. :)

Good night from Lusaka.

I love you D, T, Z, A and AP XOXO


  1. Thank you for your updates Janice! I read them everyday. Praying that stepping off your final flight will be a reality sooner rather than later! What a test and a trial you are enduring, but you continuously glorify God and blessings will come from that. ~w

  2. Praying for you Janice! this will end soon...*hugs* from Erum & Ezzah!