Thursday, April 1, 2010

All 22 of you that teamed up with us...

to pray...guess what??? Do you know what the date is today??? The first of April....and that is what I asked you to pray that we would miraculously get a court date the first of April. Well I sure hope this builds your faith....

We have to fly out SATURDAY (as in two days away) for court on TUESDAY!!!!!!!!

We have no idea what we are doing yet but I told you all that I thought this is how it would us and tell us to come in a few days!!!

Thank you all for praying and there is much more to pray for.

Specifically I'm 6.3 weeks pregnant and have been going for lots of check ups with concerns of miscarrying. I'm trying to get another ultrasound for tomorrow to check and see if the baby is still alive (how sad to say that :( ... please pray that the baby is thriving and everything will go well on the trip. Also that we will know what to do re: Dean coming or etc.

How amazing is this?!?!


  1. This is surely AMAZING!! Our God is mighty and truthful!! My prayers will continue to go out for you and the trip and also prayers of thanksgiving!! ~God Bless~

  2. I know I commented on FB, but have to do so here too... I find it so amazing that God cares enough about you and us to give you a date on APRIL 1st... I mean, if you had heard on April 2, we'd still be praising God for hearing our prayers... but on the very first of April?! Wow. Definitely exciting news - thanks for sharing. :)
    Now, I'm sure all 22+ of us will continue to pray for all the details that have to come together in TWO days... and for your health and the health of the little one growing inside you... another flight by yourself.. but we know from last time, that God can surround you with His people - "strangers" that are family... :) I am so looking forward to hearing the official news that you have two more sons in the Walker family. I'll be a little glued to the blog on Tuesday/Wednesday... :)
    Love you friend :) And I WILL continue to pray. God speed....

  3. This is great news...was praying lots during African business hours as up feeding Rebecca several times a night :)

  4. This is wonderful, we are thanking the Lord for his faithfulness! Will certainly continue to pray for all that you have to do yet to get your little boys, as well as the little one you are carrying! Our Father is a loving One - He cares!