Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Adoption Day

We enjoyed a nice evening with Mr. Gideon and his family. Poor Charity (his wife) is pregnant with their fourth child and suffering from Malaria and the side effects of the awful drug used to treat it in pregnant women. So she only made it to the dining room briefly to say hello.

We went to bed early and were excited to start a new day with all that was in store for Tuesday.

Mika woke in the night at 3:45am SCREAMING...I got up with Tanis and it was then....that I lost the baby. I was 7 wks and 1 day pregnant and here we are...saying good bye to another baby way too soon. My heart was almost numb, really. I then had three hours to think about it all as I lay awake in bed waiting for the sun to rise. What was I extremely thankful for? So many things. For a peaceful trip to Africa, alone. 22 hours in air--travelling alone...and I didn't miscarry in flight. I had no pain which my doctor told me was pretty much impossible...he said you will have severe severe pain if you lose this child. I have had no pain at all. Sorry for the italics, I have no idea what just happened there. So many of you were praying so I wanted to update you all. Dean and I are both extremely sad. We now have 3 children in Heaven. Something neat that happened last week is Tirzah said she had a WONDERFUL dream. She said she dreampt the clouds fell from the sky and when she looked up there was a castle! Heaven!! When she got to the castle, she was met by a little girl that ran up to her and said "you are my sister, Tirzah" and they hugged for a long time.Tirzah said "it was so wonderful I didn't want to wake up!" :) I'm sure she has a sister in Heaven!

I watched a huge thunder/lightning storm and the rain poured and poured in the night. I finally fell asleep after watching the sunrise. I woke pretty quickly to C and Z jumping all around me on the bed :)

We had breakfast and then were rushing to get off to court. We were told not to bring C and Z so they stayed with Gideon's youngest child here. At court we were met by Mr. Chrissy and I followed him into an office. A tiny little office where a magistrate was present. He read our file and then got me to sign everything in his presence and then started stamping and signing like mad. He left the room and took the file to the judge, who I never did see. After about 12 minutes he came back and said "here it is you are complete". Outside Chrissy was quick to tell me that he knew it would all be fine! I was a little stunned I think really. I mean I lost a baby 5 hours before...and here I am now the mom of 2 little children born in the bush of Zambia! I was expecting a tense court scene...it was nothing like that. Nothing at ALL of what you are picturing!!! We were out of there very quickly!!

Tanis then went in with baby Mika for a proceeding in court where she officially become Mika's foster mom. She can now travel with her etc so she's quite excited about bringing the baby to Canada in May!

Ok...so the news many of you are waiting for. Their names :)

Some background info:
We wanted to give the boys Luvale (their tribe and language) names. We wanted them to always know where they were born and be connected to their country and their people.
We wanted the names to have a Z in them...like our biological children.
Meanings are very important for us as well. So this was a process of Tanis and Dean and I all working together. Tanis letting us know the Luvale words with meanings that we were looking for and even sharing her opinion in the final choices.

Ok so our new children, born August 29, 2004 in Chitokoloki, Zambia, Africa:
Chazano Meleki Loloji Walker---Pronounced Chaz-AHN-oh. -- Chazono means "a portion of" or "to share"
Zunduka Jacob Loloji Walker---pronounced Zoon-DUKE-ah -- Zunduka means "to pick up or lifted up"

We kept their birth names as their middle names and Loloji is their birth mom's surname and we wanted to keep that connection with their mom's side of the family since they don't even know their biological dad.

We look forward to introducing our children to you all over time!

Zunduka and Chazano are already using their new names (with a bit of a chuckle) but its very cute.


We are now packed up and heading to Lusaka...likely we'll only go half way today. We don't want to travel much in the dark and the first 3.5 hours is paved but horrible potholes so we plan on just going that far tonight. That will leave us about 5 hours travel to Lusaka tomorrow, likely early in the morning so we can get to the birth certificate office quickly to get things moving. We are definitely not done needing your prayer!! Please pray for all these next steps to go very quickly. Birth certificates, Zambia Passports, and then US Visas and then we are on our way!!


  1. I'm so saddened to hear of your great loss and so blessed to hear of your great blessings. You are an inspiration! Still praying.

  2. congratulations on your 2 new sons....so happy for you...
    so sad to hear about your baby...praying for peace and healing for you.

  3. Sad for the loss of your little one but very happy for you and the boys! Glad everything went so quickly. Can't help but think how thrilled Shirley would have been to have them as her official grandchildren. I remember her talking lots about them when they were born :)

  4. Absolutely beautiful. I'm terribly sad to hear of your loss, but incredibly happy that things are going so smoothly with the boys. I've been excited & checking the blog numerous times today to see what their names are!!! I love the meaning behind them. very thoughtful. Good luck with the entirety of this process!! <3

    Erica Bullins

  5. Janice - what a day of joy and sadness for you today - joy that those two wonderful little boys are finally yours(beautiful names by the way) but sadness that God is now looking after another angel in heaven for you. I pray that the next part of your journey with your new sons moves quickly and that you get them home to the US. You are all in my thoughts and prayers over the next few days and weeks. Maria Shannon

  6. No comments!! Everyone must be writing you privately. Missed signing up to pray but we have and are praying for this journey to go well and be full of God's grace & power...for all. J & M Sharp

  7. PTL that all went well in court and with the adoption. Praying the birth certificates and passport process goes just as fast.
    I am so sorry that you miscarried the baby. I cannot imagine the pain and sorrow, especially when you are so far from home and the person you love most who is grieving with you. Thankfully you have God right there.
    Love the boys names and that you used Luvale words for them.

  8. Congratulations Janice!!!! I am so happy for you!!! Lots of love to Zunduka and Chazano!!!

  9. And i am sorry about the baby Janice :( *hugs*
    take care of yourself... Love ya!