Thursday, March 11, 2010

Update from Chrissy

Last night I was able to reach to Chrissy on the phone. He was a bit 'curt' and I kept apologizing for Tanis (which was overrated...but you have to constantly humble yourself so he feels like the bit official he wants to be...I mean really...she addressed him on not keeping his word! Anyway he was ranting ON and ON and so I kept saying "I'm so sorry".

He told me he would update me by email in 40 minutes as his messenger was sent to Lusaka with the papers.

The update email stated that he was trying and trying to reach Victor and was not email but would continue especially since he has an officer sitting there waiting and Friday is a holiday so he didn't want him sitting there til Monday. The last email I received was just copied to me so here it is addressed to Victor:

Hi Victor $ Anna,
Kindly attend to the officer I have sent to you so that we finish this process and also to avoid letting him wait for long periods.Above all this,the pertitioners want to finalise this as soon as possible since they are very busy people.Please keep me updated.

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