Monday, March 29, 2010

Text from Chrissy: CALL ME.

That was good to see..except he sent it at 1am my time so I didn't see it til I got up this morning. He said "you are only responding to my request NOW??" lol...I quickly reminded him that he texted in the middle of the night and he said "OH...really...what time is it now?" all shocked that we really are 10 hours apart!!

He said he HAS the file and it allows him to proceed with getting a court date. He is in Lusaka today and 'is coming home tonight' and will meet with the magistrate to get a court date...he said he'll have an email for me tomorrow. Since I'm getting to know Chrissy I'll hope to hear back from him on Wednesday. You know... a day grace. :) All I know is we are getting there!!!!

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  1. Great news! We'll keep praying :)