Saturday, March 6, 2010


Spoke to Tanis this morning and told her our thoughts on me coming alone for court etc. She thought it sounded wayyyyy less stressful than us pushing things through in Lusaka on a major time crunch to get out of there. However she did ask if I could at least stay a wk with the boys which in one sense I would love and in another sense ... I feel I can't. So this is all just 'talk' at this point but we are leaning this way. Again I'm just waiting til Tuesday to hear from Chrissy.

It sounds like our expenses are rising higher than we though too. We just found out we have to pay $400-500 for the visa ... and I believe that is PER CHILD... also we will have to pay Chrissy more to hang out in Lusaka and do all the paperwork filing for us....

We are thinking our expenses may be another $1500-2000 above what we estimated. Oh every step of this has been a faith-step.

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