Saturday, March 27, 2010

Supposed to hear update soon.

Chrissy texted me a few hours ago and said his officer is on his way back from Lusaka (yah...I know what you are thinking ...) and that he'll get me an update as soon as he is.

Meanwhile we are seriously considering taking Azahria with us to Zambia. So I've found a rush passport service ... hopefully don't have to amputate my leg to pay for it. :) This will help a lot---she doesn't understand all thats going on and became quite scared after I came home last time...everytime I went out she cried. Honestly...I would love LOVE to be able to take Azlan. Why...similar reasons but he's also in his own little world and few people enter it. It makes me tear up just thinking about him. We have some very very good new s that a family from church has said they would like to help by taking care of our children and the best news is she is gifted caring for special needs children. No...Azlan is not developmentally delayed at all. He does have huge huge speech delays though. Cute and sweet when you talk to him for one or two sentences but 99% of all our friends could never understand him for an afternoon let alone a few weeks. Thats really important to us that in a traumatic time of being separate from Mama and Daddy for so long that he not feel isolated and alone. Zion is amazing with him and Azlan and Zion are extremely close so that is very helpful. Anyway...praying God will take care of all of us in such a huge way for when this trip does happen.

Azahria's second birthday is April 26--so if we fly BEFORE that she flies free...but we'll pay the discounted BA child rate to bring her home of about $600. It's worth $600 to have her with us and it alleviates a pretty big load for the family that does take care of our children since she has strict nap schedules etc that is a lot more flexible to not have her there. short...lots to pray for. I have instant peace when I remember...
"though the world sees and soon forgets...we will not forget who You are and what You've done for us..." He gave me that song for a reason. I'm pretty sure He knows how prone I am to forget!

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