Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I could not reach Chrissy last night. Called and called and called. So I called Tanis and said "ok you have to try him in a few hours".

We got texts and and detailed email from Tanis in the night explaining the phone call which...was not good.

First of all Monday was a holiday in Zambia but Chrissy had told us several times that he was having a coworker hand deliver the documents to Lusaka to Victor on SUNDAY.

When Tanis called him he quickly said he was delivering the documents himself...today. She addressed him on Sunday and he said 'he had prior committments'. She got mad. She told him this was serious ... not honoring his word and basically I think a war of words ensued. She told him my parents are held up in a hotel not knowing which way to go and that really got him mad and he didn't get what my parents had to do with anything. She explained and she said he did not listen.

Bottom line he said it would be delivered today. Tanis quickly called Gideon and Gideon said he would go to Chrissy and he called him right away and said he had to apologize on Tanis' behalf and that Chris was quite upset for Tanis getting mad. In her complete defense...he dropped the ball. The last 7 days accomplished nothing. Tanis feels bad that she may have delayed it more, I doubt it. She is very frustrated just with the way Africa is. I think we are doing ok but really we need to stop waiting with baited breath b/c they are NOT in a hurry.

I still hope to hear from him this week and see what he says.

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