Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1.

A day of new beginnings hopefully.

This is the day (now yesterday in Zambia) that Kena, the boys' dad was to meet Chrissy in Solwezi to 'sign papers'

One thing we know for sure...nothing in Zambia goes as they say it will. No no...he hasn't just signed papers. He spent the day in court in intensive interviews with the magistrate and other officials!! Gideon from Solwezi has kindly taken Kena in and brought him to all the proceedings. We paid for him to take the bus instead of Tanis taking C, Z and Mika (KeKe) all the way on that horrific drive.

Gideon called Tanis a few hours ago (evening of March 1 in Zambia) and said it was a very long day and a very long process (keep in mind we were told he was going to sign a paper!). He also said that tomorrow he has to go back into court ... this time before the judge. I then got another text from Tanis saying Gideon called her and said when he goes and appears before the judge tomorrow...we will be given our court date.

Ok.... so nothing happens in Zambia like they say it will. But that's not going to stop us from storming Heaven!! Those of you that stand with...we are asking you to join us. Please pray. Petition before the King. He hears the prayers of His people.

"Though the world sees and soon forgets...we will not forget who You are and what You've done for us!"

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