Thursday, March 25, 2010


I spoke to Chrissy tonight. He said immediately "I'm so sorry Janice Walker ... I've been in the bush for two days". Ahhh. Seriously. Africa. You keep me humble.

He said his officer is on his way home from Lusaka with the documents and that Chrissy will now text me today when his officer arrives home. I asked about an early April court date....seriously...if you heard him talk on the would understand why I say that I really have no clue what he said in response. Dean picked up the other phone one time and was like "Janice...that is NOT English!!" haha. Yah it is.

So...there we have it. I'm waiting. that an update? Not really. We are waiting and the best news is that we are not waiting on Mr Chrissy. We are waiting on our Abba Father.

C and Z...I am deeply missing you both. :(

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