Wednesday, March 10, 2010

all in time.

All in time.

I feel like I'm 9 months pregnant and you know how everyone calls you every 30 minutes to see if you "had that baby yet?!". And you are thinking..."no...I'll call you when I go to the hospital".

No we do not have a court date and the best way to follow the story in real right here. I promise if I hear something at 3 am I'll post it here right away :)

My parents are gone home now (they were not here but were in Virginia) if we had gotten a date they would have come west...but we didn't. It won't work for them to help b/c their schedule was pretty strict. Really it removed a lot of pressure to not have the date right now. Yes we still want to go asap...but we are in no rush. No deadlines. We'll be patiently anxiety...and when we get the call...we'll be on cloud 9.

I have not heard from Chrissy at all but may try him tonight. Had to let some time pass since some heated words between him and Tanis :)

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