Wednesday, March 3, 2010

10pm sharp.

I called Chrissy. Its 8am his time. He answered the phone right away and always seems happy to hear from me. With such a very thick Zambian accent its a struggle to get every word...but it was good news.

I just asked him how the court proceedings when with Kena and he said 'very very well that is all complete and the boys are proven as orphans eligible for adoption'. I asked if we had misunderstood (since I since found out from Tanis that it was Gideon who said Chrissy was in court with the judge to pick a court date for us...) and he said "yes that is a misunderstanding" he then went on to say how our file was approved by Victor (the man overseeing the file in Lusaka) except it was missing the magistrate signed document of the father, Kena. That is what has just taken place in court. Now the file is complete. He said it was being delivered by hand today to Victor as a complete file and as soon as Victor gives Chrissy the go-ahead...then we are ready for the court proceedings.

We are waiting on nothing else.

From what I'm putting together...I'm not sure we are actually waiting for a "court date". You have to remember this is in Solwezi ... not the capital - Lusaka. Also remember they simply told Tanis to have Kena show up Monday morning. And he did...for 2 days in court!!! No court date was booked. I may be wrong but I'm thinking when Chrissy gets the approval ... he will just tell us to come.

I was told he will send me an update by email today (tomorrow my time).

He was very excited at how well things are going. You do have to remember... there are few successful adoptions to North America over the past several years from Zambia. Its kind of new ground for us all. This is not the typical adopting with an agency case that most of us are familiar with. We are excited. Can you hear that from WA??? WE CANNOT WAIT TO BRING YOU HOME C AND Z!!! (and announce to the world your new names...)

Good night all.

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  1. So excited with you and for you! And praying. Love from Ontario, Jeff & Marianne Sharp