Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Chrissy and I have been texting back and forth...he just got home from Lusaka today :) SMILE HERE. he did text me and said for me to call him at 14 hrs tomorrow. I got all excited and Tanis was quick to tell me thats 4am my time. He acts so shocked that there's a time difference! So we'll talk at 7am tomorrow and pray for good news!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Text from Chrissy: CALL ME.

That was good to see..except he sent it at 1am my time so I didn't see it til I got up this morning. He said "you are only responding to my request NOW??" lol...I quickly reminded him that he texted in the middle of the night and he said "OH...really...what time is it now?" all shocked that we really are 10 hours apart!!

He said he HAS the file and it allows him to proceed with getting a court date. He is in Lusaka today and 'is coming home tonight' and will meet with the magistrate to get a court date...he said he'll have an email for me tomorrow. Since I'm getting to know Chrissy I'll hope to hear back from him on Wednesday. You know... a day grace. :) All I know is we are getting there!!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Supposed to hear update soon.

Chrissy texted me a few hours ago and said his officer is on his way back from Lusaka (yah...I know what you are thinking ...) and that he'll get me an update as soon as he is.

Meanwhile we are seriously considering taking Azahria with us to Zambia. So I've found a rush passport service ... hopefully don't have to amputate my leg to pay for it. :) This will help a lot---she doesn't understand all thats going on and became quite scared after I came home last time...everytime I went out she cried. Honestly...I would love LOVE to be able to take Azlan. Why...similar reasons but he's also in his own little world and few people enter it. It makes me tear up just thinking about him. We have some very very good new s that a family from church has said they would like to help by taking care of our children and the best news is she is gifted caring for special needs children. No...Azlan is not developmentally delayed at all. He does have huge huge speech delays though. Cute and sweet when you talk to him for one or two sentences but 99% of all our friends could never understand him for an afternoon let alone a few weeks. Thats really important to us that in a traumatic time of being separate from Mama and Daddy for so long that he not feel isolated and alone. Zion is amazing with him and Azlan and Zion are extremely close so that is very helpful. Anyway...praying God will take care of all of us in such a huge way for when this trip does happen.

Azahria's second birthday is April 26--so if we fly BEFORE that she flies free...but we'll pay the discounted BA child rate to bring her home of about $600. It's worth $600 to have her with us and it alleviates a pretty big load for the family that does take care of our children since she has strict nap schedules etc that is a lot more flexible to not have her there. short...lots to pray for. I have instant peace when I remember...
"though the world sees and soon forgets...we will not forget who You are and what You've done for us..." He gave me that song for a reason. I'm pretty sure He knows how prone I am to forget!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I spoke to Chrissy tonight. He said immediately "I'm so sorry Janice Walker ... I've been in the bush for two days". Ahhh. Seriously. Africa. You keep me humble.

He said his officer is on his way home from Lusaka with the documents and that Chrissy will now text me today when his officer arrives home. I asked about an early April court date....seriously...if you heard him talk on the would understand why I say that I really have no clue what he said in response. Dean picked up the other phone one time and was like "Janice...that is NOT English!!" haha. Yah it is.

So...there we have it. I'm waiting. that an update? Not really. We are waiting and the best news is that we are not waiting on Mr Chrissy. We are waiting on our Abba Father.

C and Z...I am deeply missing you both. :(

Mr Chrissy...

are you avoiding me...? I've completely let all communication go for a week...he said he'd have an update for me on Wednesday...well I got none. His Thursday morning he did not answer my call....which has only happened when he's doing nothing. I really sincerely hope we have not wasted another week.

OK. Its not up to Mr. Chrissy. I need a reminder every now and then. Its the instant 'anxiety remover'.

A friend wrote this to me last night...and I was instantly crying....

"Praying for you. Arpil 1st. Miracles. Move mountains. Or, at least paperwork. Please, dear Lord. We will not leave you as orphans . . . "

Friday, March 19, 2010


Email from Chrissy today:

Hi The Walkers,
I was suposed to send somebody to Lusaka today to collecrt the document.I failed due to a number of hiccups pertaining to my schedule of activities.
I will be sending an officer on Tuesday and on Wednesday i will be able to give you a precise position.Though the assistant director confirmed indosing it.
Kind regards

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We need you.

Seriously need you. Will you team up with us and commit to pray?

We have many serious needs right now but a significant one is timing.

I just spoke with Tanis and she is not very happy at all. She is disappointed at how late the projected court date is. See the timing is an issue because Dean's (Tanis') dad is getting remarried in June. We are all heading to MB, Canada for that special event. If our court date is April 15...we could easily be there 3 wks...and we are running out of time. Tanis is leaving Africa mid to end of May.

Ok so at the risk of sounding pious ( which is a word I hate)... I'm not optimistic. This is not about positive thinking and hope for the best. This is about a firm belief that God chose us to adopt C and Z. That the timing is totally His timing. That He is in control 100% of this process. I am choosing NOT to worry and stress (because I've learned the hard way in my life that it does NOTHING but make you sick, old and not trust in God). I want you to team up with our family and literally storm Heaven for a miracle here. We kind of need (say that lightly) a court date in the first of April.

If you are on our side ... please just add a comment here letting us know you are committing to pray. "The prayers of a righteous man..."

Will you join us?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update from Chrissy

I did speak to Chrissy tonight (his Thursday morning). He said they didn't have power for the last few days...thus no email update.

He said our file is approved and now ... he's sending someone to Lusaka to bring the approved file home. He said at the time he will scan a copy and email it to me.

He then said he's trying to get a court date for Mid April. He said he wants to make sure all i's are dotted and t's are crossed before I come so I'm not required to come twice. I assured him that as beautiful as his country is...I really only want to come one more time and bring our boys home. He laughed. A lot. That's good. :)

So there we have it. He said I'll have an update next week and he again assured me that I can call anytime. I must be his only "unknown caller" because he answers the phone "Hello miss Janice" :)

Seriously Mr. Chrissy...

You may have deserved Tanis' harsh words!!! I had two emails confirming "we will have an answer for you Tuesday" it is now late Wednesday night and no word. I did call Chrissy at 10pm my time last night (his Wednesday morning) he was very nice and said "yes I will email you as soon as I arrive to the office" hmmmmm...

It helps more than you know to know this is not about how unprofessional Sir Chrissy is being. God's got it. He's got C and Z and He has the perfect plan. We are praying its sooner than later.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A note from Victor

Yes....I got a note from Victor this morning...on his Saturday evening. Interesting:

I wish to confirm to you that we have received the application and other documents for adoption.We are going to consider your application on Tuesday.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I got an update from Chrissy today...HIS HOLIDAY FRIDAY!! That's worth celebrating :)

Here is his email:

Hi the Walkers,
Sorry that I failed to give you a concrete answer yesterday concerning the response after the officer I sent submitted the consent form.
During the close of the day I was able to talk to Victor and Anna jointly and they assured me that they were going to send the RESPONSE on Tuesday next week by DHL and the document will also be faxed to my office..
I will update you on Tuesday afternoon.
Am sure we are getting there now.I appreciate your patience and understanding of the adoption process.You are at liberty to ask any question pertaining to the process.
Kind regards,

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ok Africa has too many holidays.

It's hard to get stuff done with two holidays in a wk in Africa!! So here we are left again til next wk and praying it goes nothing like last wk that by all counts adoption-wise was pretty unproductive.

Update from Chrissy

Last night I was able to reach to Chrissy on the phone. He was a bit 'curt' and I kept apologizing for Tanis (which was overrated...but you have to constantly humble yourself so he feels like the bit official he wants to be...I mean really...she addressed him on not keeping his word! Anyway he was ranting ON and ON and so I kept saying "I'm so sorry".

He told me he would update me by email in 40 minutes as his messenger was sent to Lusaka with the papers.

The update email stated that he was trying and trying to reach Victor and was not email but would continue especially since he has an officer sitting there waiting and Friday is a holiday so he didn't want him sitting there til Monday. The last email I received was just copied to me so here it is addressed to Victor:

Hi Victor $ Anna,
Kindly attend to the officer I have sent to you so that we finish this process and also to avoid letting him wait for long periods.Above all this,the pertitioners want to finalise this as soon as possible since they are very busy people.Please keep me updated.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How fabulous is that??

Ok you HAD to have noticed to new blog header!!! I just keep staring at it...I LOVE IT! No I did not do it but I do want to give a shout-out to Heather Brandt who did ...and give you her website Definitely check her out. How creative!!! Thank you so much Heather :)

all in time.

All in time.

I feel like I'm 9 months pregnant and you know how everyone calls you every 30 minutes to see if you "had that baby yet?!". And you are thinking..."no...I'll call you when I go to the hospital".

No we do not have a court date and the best way to follow the story in real right here. I promise if I hear something at 3 am I'll post it here right away :)

My parents are gone home now (they were not here but were in Virginia) if we had gotten a date they would have come west...but we didn't. It won't work for them to help b/c their schedule was pretty strict. Really it removed a lot of pressure to not have the date right now. Yes we still want to go asap...but we are in no rush. No deadlines. We'll be patiently anxiety...and when we get the call...we'll be on cloud 9.

I have not heard from Chrissy at all but may try him tonight. Had to let some time pass since some heated words between him and Tanis :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I could not reach Chrissy last night. Called and called and called. So I called Tanis and said "ok you have to try him in a few hours".

We got texts and and detailed email from Tanis in the night explaining the phone call which...was not good.

First of all Monday was a holiday in Zambia but Chrissy had told us several times that he was having a coworker hand deliver the documents to Lusaka to Victor on SUNDAY.

When Tanis called him he quickly said he was delivering the documents She addressed him on Sunday and he said 'he had prior committments'. She got mad. She told him this was serious ... not honoring his word and basically I think a war of words ensued. She told him my parents are held up in a hotel not knowing which way to go and that really got him mad and he didn't get what my parents had to do with anything. She explained and she said he did not listen.

Bottom line he said it would be delivered today. Tanis quickly called Gideon and Gideon said he would go to Chrissy and he called him right away and said he had to apologize on Tanis' behalf and that Chris was quite upset for Tanis getting mad. In her complete defense...he dropped the ball. The last 7 days accomplished nothing. Tanis feels bad that she may have delayed it more, I doubt it. She is very frustrated just with the way Africa is. I think we are doing ok but really we need to stop waiting with baited breath b/c they are NOT in a hurry.

I still hope to hear from him this week and see what he says.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Spoke to Tanis this morning and told her our thoughts on me coming alone for court etc. She thought it sounded wayyyyy less stressful than us pushing things through in Lusaka on a major time crunch to get out of there. However she did ask if I could at least stay a wk with the boys which in one sense I would love and in another sense ... I feel I can't. So this is all just 'talk' at this point but we are leaning this way. Again I'm just waiting til Tuesday to hear from Chrissy.

It sounds like our expenses are rising higher than we though too. We just found out we have to pay $400-500 for the visa ... and I believe that is PER CHILD... also we will have to pay Chrissy more to hang out in Lusaka and do all the paperwork filing for us....

We are thinking our expenses may be another $1500-2000 above what we estimated. Oh every step of this has been a faith-step.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thinking out loud.

We tend to do that a lot here :)

We are entertaining the idea of maybe me going to Africa alone for the court proceedings...leaving (SOB)...coming home and waiting for all the documents to be filed...then Dean and I going back together. The pro's? -No indefinite stay in AFrica away from our other 4 children. B) We can continue to work etc til its time to actually go and wrap things up and bring the boys home. C) when we do go together...we can know exactly how much time we have and still have a good tour as we hoped with Dean The con's? - A) leaving the boys once they are legally ours!! B) Travelling to Africa solo again C) Thats an extra flight we weren't counting on....

I will know more by Tuesday hopefully.

Just thinking out loud.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Emails from Chrissy:

After the court grants adoption,the next process is to have the children registered by the Registrar of Births.This can roughly take between two and three weeks.But it also depends on availability of manpower at the offices(Registrar).When the birth certificate is issued,that is when you go for passports.
We shall advise when you should start preparing.We shall hear Monday outcome when the officer leaves for Lusaka.


I will be able to give you a precise answer on when you should prepare for the journey.
You are certainly right,the best time for you to travel here is when the court date is fixed.
Once more I will continue keeping you posted.


Chrissy's email...extremely punctual!

He promised an email at 9am this morning and here it is:

Hi Mr &Ms Walker,
I was unable to update you yesterday because i had gone out of town for medical review,though i had left everything in place at court.Though we nearly encountered a technical complication at court, i managed to convince them , and consent documents were assented by the biological father and by the Court with competent jurisdiction.
I was just talking to the man you came with to my office to lend me some money so that on Sunday i send an officer to Lusaka to take the consent form.
You are aware that this is the document which is wanted by the Commissioner for Juvenile Welfare.
I talked to Victor today and he assured me.
I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

10pm sharp.

I called Chrissy. Its 8am his time. He answered the phone right away and always seems happy to hear from me. With such a very thick Zambian accent its a struggle to get every word...but it was good news.

I just asked him how the court proceedings when with Kena and he said 'very very well that is all complete and the boys are proven as orphans eligible for adoption'. I asked if we had misunderstood (since I since found out from Tanis that it was Gideon who said Chrissy was in court with the judge to pick a court date for us...) and he said "yes that is a misunderstanding" he then went on to say how our file was approved by Victor (the man overseeing the file in Lusaka) except it was missing the magistrate signed document of the father, Kena. That is what has just taken place in court. Now the file is complete. He said it was being delivered by hand today to Victor as a complete file and as soon as Victor gives Chrissy the go-ahead...then we are ready for the court proceedings.

We are waiting on nothing else.

From what I'm putting together...I'm not sure we are actually waiting for a "court date". You have to remember this is in Solwezi ... not the capital - Lusaka. Also remember they simply told Tanis to have Kena show up Monday morning. And he did...for 2 days in court!!! No court date was booked. I may be wrong but I'm thinking when Chrissy gets the approval ... he will just tell us to come.

I was told he will send me an update by email today (tomorrow my time).

He was very excited at how well things are going. You do have to remember... there are few successful adoptions to North America over the past several years from Zambia. Its kind of new ground for us all. This is not the typical adopting with an agency case that most of us are familiar with. We are excited. Can you hear that from WA??? WE CANNOT WAIT TO BRING YOU HOME C AND Z!!! (and announce to the world your new names...)

Good night all.

Still waiting.

We actually have been unable to reach Chris today...its about 5:30pm in Africa and the message we get on his phone is that he has it turned off. Soo we are hopeful that he is still in court, as he doesn't seem to turn his phone off.

We are seriously loving the lack of anxiety. That's what happens when you KNOW this is all God's deal.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Almost there.

We just got word at 3:30 am that Kena (the dad) spent another full day in court and is done. Documents are signed, all is good.

Chrissy is going back to court tomorrow to meet with the judge and get a court date for the adoption hearing for us.

Thanks for praying...we are not done yet til the boys are home....we are so close!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1.

A day of new beginnings hopefully.

This is the day (now yesterday in Zambia) that Kena, the boys' dad was to meet Chrissy in Solwezi to 'sign papers'

One thing we know for sure...nothing in Zambia goes as they say it will. No no...he hasn't just signed papers. He spent the day in court in intensive interviews with the magistrate and other officials!! Gideon from Solwezi has kindly taken Kena in and brought him to all the proceedings. We paid for him to take the bus instead of Tanis taking C, Z and Mika (KeKe) all the way on that horrific drive.

Gideon called Tanis a few hours ago (evening of March 1 in Zambia) and said it was a very long day and a very long process (keep in mind we were told he was going to sign a paper!). He also said that tomorrow he has to go back into court ... this time before the judge. I then got another text from Tanis saying Gideon called her and said when he goes and appears before the judge tomorrow...we will be given our court date.

Ok.... so nothing happens in Zambia like they say it will. But that's not going to stop us from storming Heaven!! Those of you that stand with...we are asking you to join us. Please pray. Petition before the King. He hears the prayers of His people.

"Though the world sees and soon forgets...we will not forget who You are and what You've done for us!"