Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We got it We got it!!!

Ok of our list of 4 things we need before we can go to Africa...we got the second one approved today!!

The four things are:

1)Dean's Passport---waiting on it to arrive
3)I600A (US Immigration approval that we can adopt and bring our boys home
4)Court Date in Solwezi

We have the funds and we have now received the I600A!!!! I'm so excited!!!

One the of the best parts about this process has been the huge growth in faith for me. I have not been stressed or anxious at all (aside from having to surrendor my major fears on the flight) because from the beginning we have known this was God's deal. Here the pieces are all coming together at the right time. Just this morning bringing Tirzah to school I prayed in the car that we would receive our approval soon. Now we are praying about Dean's passport and the court date.