Monday, February 22, 2010

News. Some news. Good news.

I called Tanis tonight after getting a text from her this morning saying she had a very frustrating day.

Oh...the story. Only Africa. She took C and Z's birth father to Zambezi (50 km of the world's worst 'roads') to sign documents...only to be told to wait 2 hours til the Magistrate was able to see them...only to then be told that no this was not the right place to sign such documents etc. That on top of several other big issues with their trip and they all went home and couldn't wait to call it 'a day' :(

I just called Chris our social worker in Solwezi. Weirdly he answered the phone "Hello Miss Janice Walker"... (???) I asked him if we could go back to plan A which was having the boys' biological dad come with us to court and sign his documents there. I was asked to repeat my question 3 times. Then he said "What are you saying Miss Janice?" .... ?? ahh. Forget it. I started a new question. "Do you still forsee us coming next week for our court date?" and wouldn't you know it... the line went dead. I immediately called Tanis back and told her I just spoke to him and to try calling him and asking him the question.

Good news while I wait to hear from Tanis is I just looked up our bank account records and see that on Feb 16 Dean's passport payment was processed!! Aside from the court date that is something we are waiting on before we can leave.

So thats our news. Some news. Some good news.

God--this is Yours. We are so glad you are not only in control but you are guiding every step...with so much bring these precious orphans home.

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  1. You are so right! Only in Africa! Can you imagine picking up the bio father in the US and taking him to sign the relinqument papers at the adoption hearing? Can you imagine how well that would go over?

    Only in Africa