Sunday, February 7, 2010

Melt me.

Today after church we had a text from Tanis to call so we did. The boys were asking a lot for
"mama" and wanted to say hi. :) She said every day they are asking "is this the day mama is coming for us?" everytime the plane comes in they ask "is this mama coming to get us?". Ok. Melt me. How could I really have had that big of an impact in 11 days....? God was so working bigtime. So here we are, again, waiting. Honestly every little aspect (big aspects) are going to come all down to the wire. We are still waiting on our I600 approval--though with recent correspondence we are hopeful that a positive answer will soon arrive. We are still waiting on Chris to get us the court date. We are still raising money. Everyone told me that adoption can be the ultimate faith test. Here we are. "be anxious for nothing." Ok. We are making the choice to not be anxious. Instead we keep praying. Keep waiting. Keep trusting that God's got it all.

I will have an update on the finances tomorrow morning from Lifesong. Last we checked we were at a total of $1900 (including the grant) raised. We need a minimum of $7500 by the time we leave in early March.

To those of you that gave: we are so touched. Thankful. Just plain humbled by your gifts. Your heart for 'the fatherless'. God gave me something this morning. I know to many of you this is a verse you know well...same here. But when I read it, I cried. I knew it was for me. I think so much thought goes into "the transition". People asking "are you sure this is what you want to do?" etc.... that even though we knew this is what God told us and led us to do--some things can slip in. This totally brought my heart to its knees this morning. Mark 9:37 "Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name....welcomes Me..." God's heart is touched for the orphan. The fatherless.

C and Z...we are coming. We will not leave you as orphans.

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