Saturday, February 20, 2010

Every day we pray and wait.

We are so excited about C and Z coming home. You simply have no idea. Are we 'ready'? well thats all a matter of perspective. Emotionally YES we are ready. We have one mattress on the boys' floor that boy Zion and Azlan sleep in we have major work to do in their room. We are really pretty sold on the Ikea Mammut (kinda plastic) set. Its adorable, durable and we can do 4 beds in the room b/c Mama really...hates bunkbeds. :) So we are planning on going to Seattle March 1 -- we hope to take a look at Ikea and make the decision then. The boys are very excited and have decided Mama should paint their room with robots. Funky, cartoony robots. That's the plan.

One of the biggest blessings has been the lack of anxiety. When you KNOW God is in control of a major part of your life...there is such a deep peace and security in leaving it with Him. Yes we are still planning on travelling in March. No we do not have a court date. No we are not stressed about it. Yes we will be ready to drop everything and go when we get the date. It will be one of the most magical moments of our lives as become mama and daddy to two little boys born a world a poor village...that all along God knew would sometime be our little boys. I love you C and Z. We cannot wait to bring you home and call you ours.

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