Sunday, February 7, 2010

The African Doll.

The story: The one thing Tirzah wanted mama to bring her home was "a black doll from Africa". You know...we couldn't find one anywhere. Airport. Market. Stores. No little African doll.

So I bought her other things. African purse, necklace. But it was the doll she wanted. She was fine, I told her there were none.

2 days after I came home I brought Tirzah to school at 8 am...came home...and when I left the house at 11am...there was a "Walmart" grocery bag on my door knob...inside was a very authentic African doll. Stiff. Hand made. All in authentic clothes.

No note. Nothing. No one knocked or rang the bell. We were home and down stairs all morning.

Its now been 1.5 comments from anyone.

Was it Heaven sent?

I'll take it as that. If you gave it...thank you. It was pretty fun and for Tirzah, she kept asking who gave it...I told her I had no idea but that she had asked God for she should thank him for it.

A mystery. :)

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  1. Ok, so seriously, He is just exceedingly and abundantly blessing your family! That is SO cool and would drive me nuts to not know who it was from :).So awesome!!